Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Running with a numb face.

So, today I ran with a numb face. I put off running and ended up having to run after the dentist. They put in my permanent crown today. Fun stuff....

There's one good thing about running with a numb face, you can't tell when your face gets cold. It was weird cause one side of my face was numb and the other wasn't so I couldn't tell if my face was really cold or not. Haha! I totally didn't want to go run today. I was insanely tired and all I wanted to do was sleep. I didn't want to go 7.5 miles and I really didn't want to run 2 of those miles at a 9:30 pace. But, guess what...I got dressed and got my butt moving right after getting home from the dentist, numb face and all. I started out trying out the whole run a mile walk a minute thing, but then I felt like I was cheating so I ran the rest of the time. After the first 9:30 mile I wanted to stop and walk, but I made myself keep on running. I'm glad I did. I always feel better and proud of myself when I run the whole time. Plus, I feel like I can't say I ran the whole thing when I walk sometimes. I know there's people out there that do the run, walk, run, walk thing...but I can't.

Here are my times:
Mile 1: 12.55
Mile 2: 12.12
Mile 3: 11.23
Mile 4: 9.31
Mile 5: 11.16
Mile 6: 9.21
Mile 7: 11.27
Mile 7.5: 5.32

I finished in 1.23.40! My fastest yet! :) I can't wait to be able to run all my miles under 10 minutes. I bet by June I'll be there. I actually felt pretty comfortable running at a 9:30 pace. I've found that I look at the ground WAAAAY too much when I run and when I'm running at a faster pace I get all tense in my shoulders. I tried hard today to relax when I found myself getting tense. It makes a difference when you're loose.


Anonymous said...

I think posture has a lot to do with how well you feel on your runs. I read somewhere that you should hold your head up, and relax your shoulders - and this really works for me, especially on long runs. It almost gives me a lighter feeling. Keep up the good work - you'll get to under 10 min miles soon enough

Mama Roggia said...

Way to go daughter!


Congrats! Awesome run!

Teamarcia said...

Rock the house sista that's AWESOME! triple props to you for running:
a. in the cold
b. after the freaking dentist!
c. when you're tired

Amy said...

You go girl!!! :D

Anonymous said...

wow! running after your dentist are such a strong woman and a very strong runner.