Friday, February 19, 2010

4 miles and a weigh in

I got up and ran my 4 miles. I noticed today that I don't hit my stride and I'm not completely warmed up until about 2.5 miles into my short runs. Maybe I need to warm up more before my runs, I dunno. I felt pretty good once I was all warmed up, my thighs are a little sore, but it's all good. The weather was kinda interestinng. It was snowing, but it was warm at the same time. Weird!

I went and weighed in today since my race is early tomorrow morning and I lost another .2. Urgh! It'd be nice if it was 2 whole pounds rather than .2, but it's all good. I'm thinking I gotta eat more and get in more protein. The only thing is when I think of protein I think of chicken. Do you guys have any good recipes that would help me get my protein in?

Oooh! I found a jacket to run in, it should be coming today or tomorrow. Yay! I love getting packages. :)

Oh yeah, my splits...
Mile 1: 11.20
Mile 2: 11.13
Mile 3: 10.53
Mile 4: 10.28
Total: 43.55 min

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Anne said...

Good job on the run! I need a new jacket...looking forward to seeing a picture of yours.
I love steak actually :)

Dana said...


Tilapia! Fish tacos - so good. Cooke the tilapia w/ some Mrs. Dash Chipotle, serve on corn tortillas w/ coleslaw mix (shredded cabbage) and some pineapple/mango chipotle salsa of some kind. (I like the fruit salsa w/ it but it's not necessary). can also add black beans for a little bonus fiber and protein! :)

Chicken is a GREAt source -- a recent favorite of mine is brown rice/broccolislaw/chicken/makoto ginger dressing... mix it all up and heat it up and it tastes SO GOOD.

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches w/ lunchmeat in them -- the cheese +meat is sodium-y but it's not too high cal and gets some protein in! :D

EGGS!!!!!!!!!!!! Eggs are a GREAT protein source! Hard boiled, omelets, egg salad, whatever.

TVP - Textured Vegetable Protein - very lowcal/fat to protein gram ratio and easy to prepare, you just rehydrate it with boiling broth and voila - fake meat. haha :D It's so cheap, too. (if you can find it).

You can also mix it in with meat -- like I did last night w/ some pasta. Lean ground beef + TVP - stretch the meat out and still get your protein.

I like to make rice bowls - rice+black beans+egg+cheese.... I dunno what else.

CHILI!! :D Beef stew!

Oh and Cottage cheese -- I eat a lot of cottage cheese. It's kinda high in sodium so I try to limit it daily, but I make a mean Cottage cheeseprotein smoothie:

3oz 2% cottage cheese
3oz silk unsweetened (or light vanilla or whatever)
1/2 scoop vanilla whey protein powder
1 cup frozen fruit (especially bananas - makes it even creamier!)

SO GOOD! It's like... 250ish calories and 28g of protein or something like that? I like to drink that after a hard run or Strength Training workout to quickly refuel with something easily digestible and full of protein and some carbs.

OK this was a LONG COMMENT!

Dana said...

I FORGOT SHRIMP!!!!!!! I like to buy the frozen cooked shrimp (peeled/deveined/tailoff) and it's so easy to thaw and heatup with a meal. Stir fry, in a premade noodle soup (like Bangkok Curry Rice Noodles!), in a rice bowl (yes I did that one time, cooked the shrimp w/ chipotle, didn't do the cheese though... but yeah). So low fat and calorie and giving lots of protein.

And tuna. I eat tuna or salmon for a snack almost every day.