Sunday, March 22, 2015

Riverton half

Oh, Riverton.... Such a good race, my first race, but also a pain in the butt race. There are 2 nasty hills on this course. The first at mile 7 and the second at mile 10.5. 

I got to the race about 45 minutes early and NO one was there. The only people were those setting up.

I waited around and ran a little until I found my friend Catherine and then met up with Rendi and London. Rendi was pacing the 2:20 time and London was doing the 2:30. My goal was to stay in front of them the whole time. 

The race started and I kept telling myself that I needed to take it easy the first half so I could push it the second half. The first 4 miles weren't bad. I felt nice and strong then around mile 4.25 we turned and were facing a nasty head wind. I knew I could keep going how I was going even with the headwind, but it was really starting to wear me out and I knew the first big hill was coming up at mile 7. I was determined to run up every hill. 

I saw mile 7 and that big hill. There was this lady with a double stroller who was pushing 2 kids. She tripped me up around mile 3 with the stroller and then I caught up with her at 7. I felt for her having to push the stroller up that hill. It was NOT going to be fun. I pushed up that hill and didn't look up until I reached the top. Hills are tough and I know that I can bust through them if I just don't look. Hahaha! 

You can see the nasty hills and when I stopped to walk for a minute. 

Around mile 8.5 I could feel myself starting to crash so I took a GU that I brought with me and stopped at the aid station and got some Gatorade and water. I was still having a bit of a hard time until this one guy, I don't know who he is, caught up to me at the aid station and stuck with me until the end. I'd walk a little before a hill and then run up it and he'd walk the hills and run after. We cheered each other on to keep going. 

I knew when we got to Redwood road that we were really close. 1.10 miles to go.... or so I thought. After Redwood we used to turn down the main road to the park and be done, but noooooo.... This year they added on some more turns. You run right back that main road, see the finish, and still have to keep going. I ended up going .17 over because of that dumb turn. Talk about getting in your head. I kept wanting to stop, but we were so close and the guy kept saying not to quit. We finally turned onto that main road and I just started booking it. I finished that last .27 fast and strong. 

I was so done and so happy to be out of that headwind. I finished in 2.18.31. (2.17.06 at 13.1) I did good and met my goal of staying in front of Rendi and London and getting a new course PR. I even shaved 30 minutes off last year's time. AND I'm 25 lbs less and a lot stronger. :)

My next race is Salt Lake Half, I'm excited to see how that one goes. One thing for sure is I'm going to drink more. I think I got dehydrated this race. 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Intervals: 3 miles at an 8:48 pace

Today on my training plan I had 10-20 min warm up 3 x 1600 (1 min RI) 10 min cool down. I was really nervous about this run. I've never hit an 8 minute mile unless it was down a canyon or that one time I tried to do it at the lake. At the lake I got it done in 8:51 and that was in July of last year. Today, I was aiming to get each 1600/mile done in 8:48. I didn't know if I could do that 3 times in a row!

Well, the warm up mile was 10:32. Tempo mile 1 was 8:29! Then mile 2 was 8:32 and mile 3 was 8:32!!!! I stopped once for a 5 second breather halfway through mile 2 and 3. But still! How awesome! I am feeling so much stronger. I was hitting that pace without feeling like I was killing myself. I LOVE that I am feeling faster and stronger.