Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Blog slacker....

I know I've been slacking on posting lately. Things have been so busy. BUT, I have been running still. Monday I did 3.58 miles around the lake, Tuesday I did a simple walk to the park with the kids, and today I did 4.04 miles!!

Today's run/walk was a good one. This is how it went walk 5- run 20 at 5k pace- walk 5- run 1 mile under 11 minutes- walk 10. I started out awesome! I did the first mile in 12.30 which isn't bad considering I walked the first 5 minutes of it. The second mile was 11.09! Then I walked 5 and ran the last mile under 11 minutes. Sure, it was 10:57, but it was still under 11. lol! I was so drained halfway through that last mile that I had to stop for a second and catch my breath and then keep going. Talk about a TOUGH workout. I'm just glad I did it and was able to accomplish my goal. I love that I'm able to keep my pace and I'm going faster. I just love that feeling after a GREAT run. It just makes you feel soo accomplished.

Well, 44 days until my half marathon. CRAZY! It's coming up fast and I'm excited. A little nervous, but still excited. It'll be a good race. I just love the half marathon. I think it's my favorite distance.

Tomorrow's another "rest" day which is good after today's run, but I'm more excited about Saturday's run. 65 minutes I'm scheduled to run and 10 to walk. I love long runs!!

I hope everyone's week is going well!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

104 miles!

This morning I got up and ran 6.03 miles!! WHAT?! Yes, yes I did. How awesome is that??? I actually ran 5 and walked the last one, but still.... 6 miles is awesome!

As of today I have gone a total of 104 miles since I started back running. Pretty cool! I'm just so excited about how my running is going. I'm really amazed with myself. I still have to tell myself to go when I don't want to. It really is a mental thing. That and there's that fine balance of pushing yourself and pushing yourself too hard. My shins were a little achy yesterday and today which was the main reason I walked the last mile this morning.

Anyway, today was a good run. I hope everyone else has a great weekend!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

First time ever...

This is the first time I've ever kept up running while on vacation. Yay! On Tuesday I was scheduled for 20 walk and my strength exercises. It was a rest day. But, the hotel has a cool treadmill so I had to test it out. I walked for 10 minutes and then ran. I started out at 5.0 and quickly pushed it up to 5.5. I felt great! The treadmill was nice and smooth and I didn't feel like it was yanking my feet under me. (You know how some treadmills do that...) I was so surprised with myself for going 5.5 mph. I'm starting to go faster!

Well, yesterday I was stuck in the hotel ALL. DAY. LONG with 4 kids that wanted to get out. It was fun. When Jason got back around 9 I ran out the door and hit the treadmill for my run. 50 minutes running each mile at a 11:30 pace, with a 5 minute walk between each mile. I started out awesome. The first 2 miles flew by like it was nothing. I was even going at a 5.6 pace the whole time. The walks in between were helpful, but when mile 3 came around... that one was tough. I had drained all my energy and I could feel it. My hands were like magnets to the hand rails and the more I thought about it the harder it was to not hold on. I lowered the pace some and still felt the need to hold on for a couple seconds. Soooo...I caved and held on for about a minute or so. I finally finished the mile and had another 5 minute walk to finish it off. After about 3 of the 5 minutes I was feeling good and decided to run the last minute at a 6.0 pace. I know a minute isn't very long, but I did it. I ran at 6.0! 

I came up stairs and iced my legs, they were a little sore, and went to bed. I feel great for keeping it up while on the road. I've never done this before and it's awesome that my hubby is so helpful and willing to watch the kids while I get my exercise in. 

I'm just amazed at how well I'm doing. Yesterday marked 3 months since little Rosalie was born. She's such a good baby. It really helps!
(I had one if her smiling, but it was all blurry... Oh well, maybe next time.)

Monday, April 18, 2011


Well, today started off great. I woke up and went on my run for today. I was scheduled to run 30 and walk 10. I was debating on running outside, but it was raining and me being the silly person I am decided that I'd just go to the gym and run on the treadmill. I didn't want my hair to get soaked with rain before my weigh in. lol!

So, I got to the gym and hopped on the treadmill. I started out walking 5 minutes and then I began to run. After 10 minutes I was feeling comfy so I decided to up the pace. I ended up getting up to 5.0! I know I went faster than that on Saturday, but for me the treadmill is harder cause you have to stay at a consistent pace the whole time and when you run on the road your pace changes naturally.

Around 14 minutes I wanted to hold onto the sides. My legs were starting to feel it, but they weren't drained. It's like my mind realizes when things are starting to get tough an it wants to quit. BUT, I DIDN'T! I kept going, but my mind kept nagging. "Hold onto the sides, it's ok." How can I say I ran it without holding on if I hold on? The funny thing is, I really didn't need to hold on. I was comfortable, but I was having to work at it.

Well, I finished it without holding on. 3.04 miles in 40 minutes. Really not bad considering I walked for 10 of those minutes.

I came home after that and weighed and I lost 3.4 pounds this last week!!!6 more pounds and I'll be under the 200's!!! Go me!

This week will be fun. We're going on vacation to California. My goal is to eat lots of fruits and veggies and run at the hotel's fitness center.

I hope everyone has a GREAT week!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Salt Lake City 5k

I don't have any pictures from the race, oh well, that's ok. 

This morning I got up at 5:15 and got ready for the race. I got downtown by 6:45 since the race started at 7:10. I went alone this time. I didn't want Jason to have to wake the kids up so early and then have to keep them in one place while I raced. They would have been super cranky... 

I had some oatmeal before I left the house, but when I got to the race my stomach was growling so I ate a GU right before the race started. I think it helped cause get this.... I shaved 2 minutes and 23 seconds off of my last 5k time!! How awesome is that?? I ran it in 36.33! I love it! 

My legs felt great. I didn't feel winded or drained at the end, that's what I was hoping for. It's nice when running feels natural. The only thing that I am having to train more than my legs is my mind. I really have to work at not giving up. There was a hill halfway through the race and I looked up and my brain started with the "'s ok. No one will blame you for walking. It's ok. Give your legs a rest." Then the other side of me started saying "keep it up, you're doing great. Just keep your mind on the road and focus on the next step. One foot after the other. You've got this. Keep it up." I made it up the hill without stopping and I finished the race at an 11.41 pace. LOVE IT!

After the race I met up with my friend Sue. It's always nice to see her. I want to be a racer like her one day. She always wins! She's a super fast runner. She did great at this race. We run a couple of the same races every year. It's nice on days like this when I'm at a race alone to know someone there. :)

I got home just in time to feed Rosalie. She woke up about 5 minutes after I walked in the door. Talk about perfect timing! 
I can't wait to see how I do at the next race. It'll be great!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Playing Catch Up...

The past 3 days have been busy and I haven't been able to blog, BUT I have been able to run!

On Wednesday we took the kids to the park and my awesome husband watched them while I ran 4 miles. I was really impressed with myself. I was scheduled to run 45 minutes. I ran 45 and walked 5 to cool down and I went a little over 4 miles. I love that I'm getting a little faster with each run. I actually felt pretty good too. I was going faster, but I didn't feel like I was pushing myself any harder than normal.

On Thursday I was scheduled for a 20 minute walk and strength exercises. I did the walk with the family around the lake, but I was so busy with a million things that I didn't get the strength exercises in. Some is better than none, right?

Today I went out and ran 2 miles in 27 minutes. Not bad...not bad. Not super fast, but that's ok. I'm working up a sweat and it's getting easier each time I do it.

Tomorrow is my 2nd 5k! The SLC Marathon 5k. I'm hoping to go a little faster than I did last time. So, if I can beat 38.58 I'll be happy. I just need to update my tunes. I'm getting a little tired of the ones I have on there now. What are some of your favorite songs to run to??

Now, I'm off to bed...I've got an early race tomorrow!

Good luck to all those racing this weekend!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 9: Flaming Enthusiasm

So, one thing that always gets me pumped to get out and move is The Biggest Loser. It makes me realize that I never want to be that big. My biggest weight was 235 and that was after giving birth to Brianna. I never want to be that way again. I could have easily gotten bigger. It's so easy to put on the pounds, but after watching that show, wow...I just don't want to feel that miserable ever again. It's hard to move, it's hard to find clothes, you're always out of breath, it's not fun. Food isn't worth that. 

I got close to that weight again with Rosalie, I topped off at 228. Now, I'm ready to lose it. I'm ready to be under 200 again! I've got enthusiasm. :)

This evening I went out to walk 20 minutes before I did my strength training and I ended up walking 5 running 15 and walking 5 more. I felt good running. I'm loving that I'm getting back into this. I know I'm going to reach my goal. I'm going to be successful.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 8: Joy

"Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.”  
I am so filled with joy today. I lost 2 pounds!!! I am so happy about that. I'm right on track for this month. I haven't been doing WW, I just don't want to shell out the money, plus I'm not sure I like the new program. So, rather than WW, I've been doing SparkPeople cause it's freeeee. It has a lot of the same things that WW does, but there's no points and it's all about reading the label. 
 This morning I was laying in bed and Jason says to me, "Hey, I thought you were going to get up early and run." It was funny cause right at that moment I was having that argument in my head "should I stay or should I go?" His comment made the decision for me. I got up and ran. 3.72 miles! During my run I just kept thinking about how awesome my husband is. He's so great to me. I'm getting a little faster, I even had negative splits this time. :) I am so happy right now. I'm starting to get the hang of running again. I love that feeling I get after a good run.  A good run + losing weight makes me feel like I'm progressing and it really makes me want to keep going. 
 OOOH!! I forgot to tell you, but a couple days ago I signed up for a marathon! It's the Really Big FREE Marathon.  I was hoping to run one this year and I still might, but this Big Free one is November 2012. That'll give me TONS of time to get ready. It looks like it'll be lots of fun. 
 I hope everyone has a great week! I know I will. :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 7: Develop success

I can remember the first time I quit on myself. I was in Okinawa (around 14 years old), swimming 500 meters for the 2nd time that week. It wasn't required. But, I was doing it to show the boss of the pool that I was eager to be a lifeguard at his pool, that I had the skills that were needed, and cause I enjoyed doing it. I was about 400 meters into it and decided that because it wasn't required and because "I wasn't feeling good" I quit. I remember thinking while I was swimming, making an excuse, and then actually making the decision to quit. Ever since then I've had to make a mental effort to not quit on myself.

I don't want my kids to grow up thinking, "Jeez, my mom never finishes anything she starts. I can quit, too." I want to succeed for them. When ever I'm doing something difficult I have to tell myself that it is NOT OK to quit. I can't quit on myself again. I think that's why I'm so good at enduring things. I tell myself, "It's only 'this' far away. You can stop when you reach the finish." All of my past failures help me want to succeed and reach my goals.

"Success results when preparation meets opportunity in your lives."-Joseph B. Wirthlin

This week will be a great week. My second 5k race of the year is this coming Saturday! It's going to be a fun one. I wonder if I'll be any faster this time around??  Tomorrow is my official weigh day. I thought it was yesterday, but I was off by a couple days. I used to weigh in on Saturdays, but now it's Monday.... I hope my effort this week shows on the scale. :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 6: Action!

Honestly, sometimes I just don't know what to write. I wish I was a great writer, but the way I write is usually just what's going on in my head. I jump back and forth from different thoughts and I feel like half the time they don't make sense when I write them down. Hopefully they make sense to some of those of you who are reading....

Today I took action and I succeeded! My workout today was to run 55 minutes and walk 10 and my goal was reach 5 miles by the end of it. 

I just dropped my oldest off at a birthday party and I had exactly an hour and 15 minutes before I needed to pick her back up. It was the perfect time to get my run in. The crunch for time made me run faster. I'm kinda funny that way... The closer I am to a deadline the faster and sometimes better I do it. The down side of running right then was the weather. It was snowing. You know, that really wet snow, huge flakes, it might as well have been raining. It wasn't sticking to anything so you know it wasn't that cold out, probably around 38 out. The wind was blowing, but not too bad. I started out going against the wind cause I figured it would be better to end with the wind against my back. 

I felt pretty good to start. My legs felt good, but I didn't have the energy I needed. I felt a little drained. My lungs were still getting used to breathing while running so they were a little achy. I wanted to quit around mile 1.5 and start walking, but I kept trudging along. My mind would start to wander a little and a few quarter miles would pass by without notice and then I'd start to think about running again which would make me want to start walking. But, I kept on keeping on and I kept my eyes on the ground right in front of me. (I know, bad running form, but it helped.) Mile 4 came around and I started thinking about how proud I was to still be running. I was going to reach 5 miles in 65 minutes! I was going to reach my goal!! 

I did it!! I reached 5 miles in 1.04.36!! I still had a little ways to go before I reached the house so I ended up going 5.28 miles in 1.08.44 minutes. :) Towards the end I was so hot I took of my jacket and ran the rest of the way in my short sleeved shirt. I'm sure people driving by thought I was crazy. Haha! I had more than enough time to go and pick up my kiddo from her party. I love when things work out like that. The timing was perfect.

Even though my run was tough, I'm glad I did it. I pushed through and I did more than 5 miles. I ran the 55 minutes without stopping, which is awesome! I even ran at a faster pace then I had been running and I kept my pace consistent.
Awesome run, red faced and all! :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 5: Energy

Today's workout was a good one. I was scheduled for 25 minute run 5 minute walk. I went out and there was a slight snow coming down. I felt good starting out. I wanted to feel faster today so I threw in a couple fartleks. I was loving the moment! I was running as fast as I could. The energy was flowing, I felt great! :)

After the run my muscles were a little sore, but it's that good sore you get from working out muscles you haven't worked out in a long time. I can't wait to be faster..... It'll come in time, I'm sure.

I hope I lose some weight tomorrow. I've been trying hard to track my food and stick to my workouts. We'll see. If I don't say anything just assume I lost nothing. lol!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 4: Imagination

I think when it comes to the hard things in life you have to have some sort of imagination to get through them. The tough things in life vary for each person. Someone's tough thing may be easy to another and that's ok. Every one's different. You have to use your imagination to figure out how to work through them. During marathon training all sorts of obstacles get in your path. You can get injured. You can lose motivation. You can feel it's too hard and give up. But, to get past all of that you have to think of the different ways to get through. It's like a wall in your path. Are you going to climb over? Dig under? Go around? Break through? 

Right now everyday brings another challenge for this mother of 4. Last night I got out of bed at least 7 times. Each kid needed something. So, when I got up this morning the last thing on my mind was exercise. I was exhausted. I barely got any sleep. So, this afternoon during nap time I took a nap, well, as much of a nap as you can take with a baby in your arms. Now it's 10:30 at night and I still haven't done my exercise for the day. Good thing it's a short one. I'll have to do it now so I can stick to my plan. Good thing it's a 20 minute walk cause right now I have a fussy baby that is so tired she doesn't want to sleep. I'll just have to walk her to sleep. (See imagination. Fussy baby+walk=workout done and baby  

So, tell me... How are you going to use your imagination to get past something hard and have wings to over come it?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day3: Begin with the end in mind.

The end....what's my end goal? My end goal is to be back where I was a year ago. I want to feel like I did when I ran the Riverton Half. I remember running the half and just feeling awesome. Everything fell into place and I felt amazing. I want to be back to my weight of 160. I felt right at that weight.

Today while I ran I kept in mind the end goal. I kept thinking how much easier this will be in a couple of months if I just keep it up. If I just stick with it. It may be hard right now, but it WILL be easier and it will be worth it.

So far my waking up at 6 has fallen, that's ok though, I've been sticking to my workouts and I haven't been sleeping in. It's not easy getting up at 6 when I wake up 3 times in the middle of the night. I've been tempted a couple times to run at 3AM when Rosalie wakes me up, but I'm sure that wouldn't be the best.

Well, it'll all work out in the end. Things are moving along. I'm just going with it day by day. One day at a time.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 2: Begin

It all begins with a single step. My journey to another marathon and losing all this weight is going to be a tough one, but I'm up for the challenge. The first step for me is to take my before If you ever want to get motivated to lose weight, that's the way to do it. lol! I am more motivated than ever to lose this weight after seeing those pictures. I want to be an after!

Today we went out as a family and walked around the lake. It started out as a stroll and turned into a QUICK walk because the wind started up halfway through it and then the clouds were threatening to rain. (Crazy Utah weather. It was a high of 32 yesterday and 65 today.) We went a 1.25 miles and after we got home I did all my strength exercises. I'm feeling good and I'm tracking my food. I'm excited to see how well this weight drops.

Oh, the other thing I'm doing is NO COOKIES FOR A MONTH. Eek! It'll be tough cause that's what I've really been craving, but I can do this!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 1: Power

The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul. No matter our talents, education, backgrounds, or abilities, we each have an inherent wish to create something that did not exist before.Don’t let fear of failure discourage you. Don’t let the voice of critics paralyze you—whether that voice comes from the outside or the inside. You are a great power for good. You will make the world a better place. Lift up your chin; walk tall. God loves you."D.F. Uchtdorf

I just love this quote. It's so uplifting. I love how it makes me want to be the best me I can be. It helps me not be afraid of who I want to be and the things I will have to do to make that happen.

For this 21 day challenge my goals are:
-Wake up at 6 every morning. Even if I stayed up late or woke up a lot in the middle of the night. I need a routine and it all starts with getting up in the morning.
-Stick to my exercise plan. I've made the goal to run a half marathon in June and to be able to do that I'm going to need to stick to my plan.

So far so good... My alarm went off this morning at 6 while I was feeding Rosalie. I set out all my running clothes last night so they'd be ready when I got up. After I fed her I got dressed and headed out the door.
3.16 miles and 46.16 minutes later I felt good. I felt like I got things done and I was on track for the day. I felt so good that I took my before and after pictures (that you guys will probably NEVER see... lol!) and am aiming to lose 10.4 lbs this month. My goal is to be under 200 by the end of April.


Feel free to join in on the 21 day challenge. I'd love to read what you guys do with it. :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

What motivates you?

This weekend I went back 2 years in my journal (aka my other blog) to try and find what made me decide to run my first marathon. I came upon a post made on August 31st, 2009...

At the dinner table today out of no where Brianna says:
-"Hey, mom. I'm trying really, really, really, really hard to be just like you."
-"Why do you want to be like me, Brianna?"
-"Cause I love you so much!"

If that doesn't make you want to be the best mom you can be, I don't know what does. I makes me realize how much she's watching my every move and learning from everything I do. I need to try a lot harder.
(Brianna was 5 at the time.)

After that post things changed. My mind changed. What kind of mom was I? Was I being the best I could be? Was I acting in a way that I would want my daughters to act? The answer was no. 

I wanted to exercise, I wanted to lose weight, and I wanted to be a better person. The thing about it though...I wasn't doing it. As much as I wanted it, the work was too hard. It wasn't impossible and it wasn't even really THAT hard, I guess it was taking more effort than I was willing to give at the time. The moment my daughter said that to me something clicked. Do I want my daughters to be like this? Eating cause she's bored without any self control, sitting more than she's moving, being unhappy? No. I don't want that. I want to be the best example. I want them to know what happy is. I want them to SEE what happy is. I want them to see that I love myself. I love myself enough to take care of myself. 
Sure, it's going to take effort, but you know what. I'm no quitter and I'm NOT going to quit on myself. I've done this before and I can do it again.
Around that time I also started this 21 day challenge. They say it takes 21 days to start a new habit and my habit was to exercise everyday and run a marathon a year later.  The daily quotes REALLY helped me stay motivated.

So, today I am making a change! I am going back to where I was on August 31st, 2009. I'm going to bed before 11:00 and getting up before 6:00 to run. If that doesn't happen due to baby girl waking up in the middle of the night then I'll make sure to get it done before bed. I'm sticking to my plan. I'm also going to post the quotes from the 21 day challenge on here everyday to keep myself motivated. 

What motivates you??