Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Great for your body and your wallet

Jay and I took Bee and Litte Miss down to Hobby Lobby today. It's a little past Harmons (that's where we went last week). He was determined to go the full 5 miles with me so we thought it would be fun to go to Hobby Lobby and look at all the seasonal stuff they have out. (If you ever want a Christmas fix before the season comes go to Hobby Lobby. They have rows and rows of stuff out already.)

We walked down and started browsing. Oooh...not a good idea if you're into decorating for the holidays. Halloween, Fall, Christmas...loads of stuff! We started finding stuff we wanted, but then thought, "Oh, crap...we walked down here. We've only gone 1.85 miles and still have a ways to go." There was no way we were going to carry stuff for the rest of the 5 miles. So, rather than haul a ton of stuff we "wanted" we said no and finished our miles.

That's the great thing about walking to the store, you don't buy things you don't need. :) It saves you lots of money. Oh, and another good thing about the BOB Daullie when it comes to shopping, the basket's so little you can't fit much, but the essentials in it.

We walked and walked and walked and got home just in time to get Mr. Man off the bus. I felt good besides a little tiny ache in my pelvic muscles and my stinkin' arch in my left foot. I really need to put an insert in my shoe or something. Jay's nice and sore. He's not used to going that far. I love him for helping/supporting me. He's a great man. :)

Me  and Bee after our walk. She's such a good kid. She'll run, pick flowers, skip, and play along the way while we push the stroller down to the store. They are loving our weekly walks to the stores. :)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Aaaahhh....rain...sooo nice...

Last night I set out all of my running gear and set my alarm for 6 to get out and run before the kiddos got up. I was all prepared to run 5 miles. Well, I stayed up until 1 reading The Hunger Games and decided to shut off my alarm and then run when I got more than 5 hours of sleep.

Well, Little Miss decides she's going to start her day at 6:15 anyway. So, while I get up to take care of her I notice the sky flashing like there's some kind of strobe light going. Then the thunder comes and within 10 minutes it starts POURING. Yeah, I think it's a good thing I decided to skip my run this morning. I don't think getting struck by lightning and getting soaked would have been fun first thing in the morning. So, I'm switching today and tomorrow. Today I did cross training and tomorrow I'll run.

I wish I could have gotten a picture of the lightning. It was pretty amazing! :)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Thought For Today

Well, crap....I had an awesome post all typed out, hit the wrong button, deleted everything, and then it saved the blank page. So, unless I get my mind back enough to type out the whole post again, here's a great thought for you today.

"Why do I do the things I do,
when I know the things I know?"

I hope everyone has a great week this week. I plan on getting all my runs/walks in.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

A great start to a Saturday. :)

I got up, I walked, and I ran. My alarm went off at 6. I went in turned it off and went back to bed. I laid there for about 5 minutes and told myself I better get out and run. I got dressed, I got my watch set, drank some h2o, ate a little something, and headed out.

It was still a little overcast from last nights storm so the temps were nice. There was a really pretty view of the sun shining through the clouds above the mountains. I wish I had a little compact camera that would take nice pictures that actually give the views justice. It was really pretty though.

I stopped half way to eat a GU, drink some water, and take a picture. I felt good. My left arch was a little achy, but nothing to really complain about. I'm thinking I may get a little insert for my arch to see if that would help.

My run went a little something like this...I walked the first mile thinking that I'd walk the whole thing if I needed to. Then I thought that I'd do a  mile off a mile on with walking/running. Then I thought that I need to run 7. It's a mental thing, if I didn't really set the goal of going 7 I wouldn't do it and heaven knows I'd quit early just cause.

So, I walked 1 mile, ran 7, and then walked another .56. It ended up taking me 1.59.13 to go 8.56. I felt good, my arch was pretty sore, but after stretching it, it feels much better. My lower abs were a little sore, but that's just cause I haven't been training like I've supposed to. They're a little out of shape. Either way, I feel good, the baby feels good, he/she's kicked me a few times this morning, and I feel like every thing's ok.

Now for  a good breakfast. Strawberries, a homemade egg mcmuffin, with milk, and OJ. YUM! I've drank a ton of water. I'm so glad I'm craving good stuff with this pregnancy. Fresh fruits and veggies are always good. :)

Here I am...16 weeks and feeling good! :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hilly walk

This morning J and I took the kids on a 3.5 mile walk down to the grocery store and back. It's a nice down hill all the way there and then coming home with 2 tired kids + groceries in the stroller makes the uphill climb a little more difficult. It's all good. It gave us the workout we wanted/needed.

Tomorrow I'm planning on getting up early and doing my run.

I joined Courtney's 100 day challenge, today's day 4. My goal is to move for at least 20 minutes a day for 100 days. It doesn't have to be running, but as long as I set aside 20 minutes a day to intentionally move for exercise it counts. Well, things have gone alright so far. I've done 20 minutes a day, but it hasn't been time that was intentionally set aside. I've been walking B to school everyday and today I did the 3.5, but I've been feeling so guilty for not really "getting out", ya know? Oh well, some thing's better than nothing.

On to baby stuff....

I'm thinking I'm going to have a boy. With all the other kids I never had a real big "it's a ____" feeling, but having had one of each this time feels a lot like when I was pregnant with C. I started out at the same weight and even though I'm gaining a lot my body type is staying the same. With the girls I just plumped up all over, with C I gained, but still fit all my clothes and didn't look/feel over weight. I've also been hungry all the time craving veggies, fruits, breads, jalapenos (or anything spicy), and Hooter's wings. I'll eat until I'm full (but not over eat) and then an hour later I'm starving. That's how it was with C. He ended up being a 9lb 2oz baby that LOVED to eat. It was different with the girls, I had a normal appetite, but ate whatever I wanted cause I was pregnant and gained a ton and they ended up being 6lbs 8oz and 7lbs 4oz. I just hope I can stay under 200lbs this time. I don't know how possible that is since I'm already 186, but we'll see. Anyway, I'm thinking boy, but I'll find out at the end September what it is for sure.

Only 30 days until the SoJo Half Marathon!! I'm thinking there may be a lot of walking going on, we'll see.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

A long run?

I started out planning on running my 6 miles early with B and her bike. Well, B was hungry of course so we made some crepes for breakfast and I couldn't resist so I ate. Yeah, not the best idea if you're planning on running 6 miles.

We started out doing great. That was until everyone decided it was a great time to ride their bikes, run, walk, and take their dogs around the lake. B was freaking out cause she didn't want to fall into the lake or run into people or get bit by dogs. So, being the kind loving mommy I am (and cause I was getting cramps from the crepes) I decided we'd cut the run short and do 2.25 miles instead.

B didn't mind. She got to play at the playground while we waited for J.

She was happy that she got to play for a good 20 minutes before J came to get us to go run errands.
I felt good considering I was having cramps from breakfast. Breakfast + Pregnant + 6 miles = Not a good idea. Lesson learned...
I thought I'd throw in a belly shot. I'm starting to stick out more pregnant like and less overweight. Oh, and BellaBands while running...GREAT idea. It was nice feeling like I was being supported and not feeling like I was bouncing all around.

Friday, August 20, 2010


I missed the past 2 days. That's what happens when you're tired and your hubby works and you don't get up and go first thing in the morning. I did make sure to run around the house and clean up extra fast to get some "cross training" in. I made French bread by hand on Wednesday and totally worked out my arms kneading the stuffing out of the dough for a good 10-15 minutes.

Today I plan on doing 4 miles around the lake walking. I really need to take advantage of my BOB. I don't know why I've been making excuses. It's not like I can't just take them out there with me and walk if I have to. I'm sure the kids would LOVE it.

My poor little right ankle was hit by a mean old picture that weighed a ton a couple days ago. I don't think it's really hurt, just nice and bruised and sore. I have been doing my lunges though! Go me. :)

I hope everyone has a great Friday! I'm off to clean the house some more.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Getting a little faster

I got up and went this morning around 8:00. I went out thinking I'd just trudge along like usual, but for some reason when I stepped out of the door I started running and I kept running. Sure, I'm still not "fast" but the fact that I shaved 5 minutes off my last 4 miles time says something.

There was one thing I learned today: as much as I would LOVE to just start running like I did today and like I used to do, I cant. I need to warm up and I need to get all my muscles ready to run. Sometimes it bothers me to have the extra time on my watch, but I was thinking that if it bothers me that much I can have it separate from my running time. That's what the reset/lap button is for.

After finishing 4 miles.

All in all it was a good run. I feel fine. No aches, no pains. I just need to remember to keep drinking water and refueling throughout the day today.

Oh, last night I did 4 sets of 4 lunges. I'm thinking I'll up it to 5 sets of 5 on Wednesday.

Monday, August 16, 2010

A visit to the doctor

Well, I went to see the doctor today. I went in, got checked out, went through the whole first appointment routine and at the end the doc asks the usual, "So, do you have any questions or concerns?" That's when I told him I'd been running. "Oh, that's great!" he says. So, I continue with, "Well, I've been running a lot. I ran a marathon at 5 weeks and I have a half scheduled in September and October. I did 6.3 on Saturday and felt great." You shoulda seen his face!! It was the funniest thing: mouth wide open in shock and eyes looking at me like "I don't like this!"

Well, I've gone to this doc for the past 2 pregnancies and he knows me pretty well. All he could say was, "Well, we don't really want pregnant women exercising to the point of exhaustion and I think a marathon and 2 half marathons fall into that category." He gave me a look like "I know you aren't going to listen, but I'm concerned." So, I tell him I've been running for about 2 years now and I've been training a lot so this isn't like some big surprise. He kinda left it at that and didn't say anymore about it. I think he just figured he wouldn't be changing my mind anytime soon.

I'm going to be careful. I'll walk if I need to walk and I'll be good. I'm not worried. If I had a bad feeling about it I wouldn't have signed up.

The doc did a quick little ultrasound and things look great. The baby has a strong heart beat and is looking good. It's nice to have seen him/her cause it makes it more real.

Well, I know it's late, but I'm off do my lunges for the day. :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

This weeks runs/goals

Yesterday I decided to join in on 5 Miles Past Empty's Legs Love Lunges Challenge. The goal is to do lunges at least 3 days a week from August 10th-September 10th, but since I'm starting late I'll do it from August 16th-September 16th. I'll start with a few lunges and build my way up each week. I'm excited to see how it will help with my running.

Ok, so no laughing...my legs could use some help.
I accept the challenge!

This week's runs/workouts are going to be like last week's:
Monday: Stretch + Strengthen
Tuesday: 4 m run
Wednesday: 2 m run or cross
Thursday: 4 m run + strength
Friday: 40 min cross
Saturday: 6 m run
Sunday: Rest

It seems pretty simple. I just need to continue to get out there early in the mornings and get it done. I'm still not 100% sure what I'm doing with the whole strength part of it, but I'll figure it out. And for the cross training part I've been thinking of either walking, swimming, or doing the elliptical. I'm sure it will end up being walking, but we'll see.

I feel good about this week. I think it will go well. Oh! I forgot. Tomorrow is my first doctors appointment for this pregnancy. Let's hope he's a pro-running doctor and every thing's good to go with the kiddo.

I hope everyone has a great week this week!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Check me out running at 5:30 in the morning. :)

I can feel it! I'm starting to get back into the groove of running again. :)

 I had my alarm set for 6:00 this morning, but thanks to pregnancy I woke up at 5:30 to pee. I figured I didn't want to go back to bed for 30 minutes and then not want to get up, so I got dressed and went for my run. It's so nice getting out there early like that cause I'm finishing when every one's starting.

I like to be alone while I run. Sure, sometimes I get jealous of the groups of girls out there running together, but in the long run I like to just be by myself. I can go as slow as I want and not have to worry about keeping up with anyone else. Plus, I'm not a big talker when it comes to running, I like to focus on my run.

I ate a GU and drank some water right before I left and it seemed to help cause I felt great the whole time. I didn't feel hungry until about mile 5.5. My muscles are fine, a little achy, but that's to be expected. I just made sure to stretch and all that jazz.

The best part of my run was my reward...

They were PERFECT! Just right with the gooey/roll like consistency. Mmmmm.....

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Guess who ran today....


I had my alarm set for 6:30 on my phone and I even had it set with a nice little harp ring tone. It went off (I had it in the bathroom so I'd have to walk across the room) I hit snooze and laid back in bed. I laid there debating whether or not I really wanted to run today and that's when I remembered when I started really getting into running last year I found that when I just got up and went without thinking it was SOO much easier to get it done. So, that's what I did. I shut my brain off, got dressed and went out and got it done.

Sure, it took me 55 minutes to go 4 miles, but I did it. I got my run in and I feel SOOO much better for having done it. I even switched up my route so I'd have something new to look at. I'm excited! Tomorrow I'll do 2 miles just cause I don't want to jump in too fast, but I'm feeling good about the SoJo Half at the end of September. :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


.....I fell off the face of the Earth or at least it feels like I did.

I have been traveling for the past 5 weeks and I am now home for good. I'm in my second trimester now which means I have more energy and less nauseousness and that's always a good thing. I know I've said it before, but starting tomorrow I'm starting my new routine and I'm going to get my runs in. I'm thinking the mornings are going to be best cause with the kids starting school next week and it still being hot out and all.

So, last night, I was thinking while driving at 12am from Bend, Oregon to SLC that it's funny that I am more motivated to run early in the morning in the freezing cold of winter than I am during a nice summer's morning. I am SO weird. :) You'd think it'd be the other way around. Maybe it's the fact that in the winter time there's only a select few runners out running that early in the morning in the cold and I feel like one of the select. And maybe it's the fact that I'm so slow right now that anyone who sees me ( EVERYONE is out running right now) run in the nice summer mornings will think to themselves, "That girl might as well be walking." I dunno.

Well, keep an eye out tomorrow, I'll make sure to post about my run (I'm planning on 4 miles). The only thing I have left to do tonight is search the house for my Garmin. I have NO clue where it is.