Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A fine line

There's a fine line between dieting, exercise, and nursing. Today I walked that fine line with the result of a wicked headache. I thought it was because of my head cold and lack I sleep, but no. It was because I didn't eat enough today to compensate for my exercise and nursing.

I swear I did this with the last baby. I've either gotta figure out the perfect combo of nutrition or I have to quit the diet thing all around. I know I need extra for nursing and I need even more for exercise.

The thing that sucks is I did AWESOME with the old weight watchers program and nursing back before they switched it to points plus. I wish I could go back to that. Right now I'm trying to work with MyFitnessPal. I really liked it when I wasn't nursing, but they don't have an option for nursing moms.

Anyway, after eating something and having a ibuprofen, my headache went away and I was able to exercise tonight. I only went 30 minutes, but I did it. :) 1.75 miles.

Tomorrow I'll be smarter with my nutrition.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A new year!

Guess what! Guess what!! I won a free entry to a Run13 race!! I'm SO excited! I think I'll run the Hobbler Half. I ran the 5k a while back, but I've heard great things about the half and I'd love to run it. Plus my mom and dad will be back home from Africa and can be there to see me finish. :)

Today I did 45 minutes on the treadmill. I walked, but hey, it's a start. I felt pretty good considering I've been fighting a head cold for the past week. December was a crazy month I don't think I had one day to just rest. I can't wait to get into a routine again.

This week is an opportunity for me to get into a routine. The best time of day for me to exercise is either EARLY in the morning or during the kids quiet time in the afternoon. With the kids going back to school, my hubby going back to work, and the in-laws leaving, it'll be easier to get things done. I can't wait to be able to get back to normal.