Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Years Revolution Run

I got up and headed out to the Olympic Oval to run the Revolution Run. This race is pretty different from any race I've ever done. This one was inside on a track! Your bib had a chip on it, so every time you passed through the start your lap would be counted. I had my nike+ going at the same time since I figured I'd lose count after some time. This was a really easy going run. I took my time and ran around and around and around for 48 laps which equaled a half marathon. I think if I had to rank ways to run the treadmill would be the worst, then the track would be alright, and then outside would be the best.  I like outside cause mentally its SO much easier than the treadmill. The track was nice cause the laps went fast, but the thing that's hard to judge is if your running on the outside lanes vs the inside lanes. If you're on the outside then you go farther per lap than those on the inside. 

Anyway... it was a good race. They had really yummy Swedish fish at their aid station, so that was a plus! I tried to meet some people, but I think I'm a little too quiet at first... Oh well. Would I do this race again? Probably not. If it's the only January race I'd do it again, but I wasn't a HUGE fan. 
 I thought this sign was funny. I wouldn't want to get run over by a zamboni. :)
 My finished time! Yay!! I felt great! I was glad it was over though, cause my legs were aching! 
Pretty cool medal. :)

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Don't think too much about it.

I was up a lot with the kids last night so I decided to sleep in a little bit, plus it was another snowy day so, the sun wasn't shining into my room like it normally does in the mornings. The day went on like normal. Normal mothering tasks like calling the school, feeding the babies, changing diapers, running children to the bathrooms, etc. My momma came over and visited a little bit in the morning. It's always nice to see her. After taking my oldest to Activity Days for church I laced up my shoes and got on the treadmill. I was already in my bumming around clothes from painting so, I didn't think of anything else besides getting my running shoes on. I knew if I thought too much into it and changed my clothes into "real" running clothes I wouldn't have done as much as I did. I would have only done a couple of miles and called it a night. Rather than thinking about it too much, I just went down to the basement and got my run done. 4 miles. I ran 2.5 and walked 1.5. It felt good. I know that I feel better when I run. I know that each run will pay off one day. I also know that I'm being an example to my children. When they see me exercising even when I don't really want to. 

Tomorrow I'm planning on running 5 miles. It'll be rough on the treadmill, but I'll get it done and it'll have to be done first thing in the morning. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

a slow 3 miles

I needed to get my run in and I put it off all day. 

I ended up walking 3 miles while watching the kids play Disney Infinity. 

3 miles walking is better than nothing. 

It's tough to keep focused on the treadmill. I even covered the numbers with a towel, but it was rough. 

Tomorrow will be easier. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Today, I ran 1.3 miles.... then the kids woke up. Then I patched holes and painted my daughters room. I'll call today a cross training day. I still hit my 10,000 steps, so I'm good. :)

I'm hoping to get to bed earlier tonight and wake up early so I can get my 4 miles in. Treadmill running is NOT easy. I can do 13 outside and not think much of it, but the treadmill...1 mile is hard! The numbers are staring you in the face the whole time and there's only so much you can look at. I was able to get a picture of the sunrise after though. So, I'm still doing good with a sunrise every morning.

I stuck to my WW plan today. I ate lunch a little too late though. I need to make sure to eat lunch when the kids eat lunch. I've been doing this 30 day green smoothie thing with Simple Green Smoothies. Monday's one was kinda...blah, but that was probably because I didn't put anything frozen in it so it wasn't as cool. Today's one though was pretty good! The kids kept trying to take my drink because they drank theirs so fast! They have a TON of green smoothie recipes on their blog though, so that's fun to play with.

Ok, off to bed... gotta get some sleep...

Monday, January 6, 2014

Gotta get it done.

This morning I got up at 630 and met my momma at the gym. We walked 4 miles around the indoor track before I had to drop someone off at the airport. Then it was off to take Annabelle to school and then to WW. I was up 1.8lbs this week. I was expecting a gain.  I always gain after a half. That's ok though, this week will be a great one. I'm planning on sticking to the WW plan this week and get my runs in. I've got a half marathon on Saturday. It'll be a fun one. Technically I can run any distance I want. If I only want to go 4 miles I can do that. If I want to run a half I can. If I want to run a marathon I can do that too. My goal though is just a half. I'm excited to see how it is running a half inside around a track. I'm hoping to meet up with some new people. It'll be nice to run with someone rather than alone.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Years Half Marathon

This morning I got up and headed down to American Fork for the New Year's Half. It's a smaller run race so I wasn't expecting much in the way of aid stations and stuff. The one awesome thing about this race was the fact that they let the slower runners start an hour ahead of everyone else. I wish every race did that. There were about 8 of us that started early around 7am. 

I stuck with the group for the first 5 miles and then missed the 5 mile marker along with a couple others and made it up in the end. There was one aid station and it was at mile 6.5. Honestly, this was one the my easier races. Mentally, I wasn't counting down the miles the whole time and my body wasn't aching for the miles to pass by. I wasn't even bothered by the cold much at all. I think I looked at it as a long run versus a race. The past couple races I felt like I was mentally strained from it all. I felt like I had to have GU every aid station. I felt like the aid stations didn't come soon enough, but this time one aid station was enough. 

I wish I would have stayed a little longer and talked and met some new people, but I didn't. My next race I will though! :) 

Friday, January 3, 2014

A slow start.

My alarm went off this morning at 7 and I just laid in bed trying to decide if I really wanted to go on a run or stay home. I have a half marathon tomorrow and I was tired from staying up too late last night. I decided to not think and just get dressed. I got out there around 7:30 and got out just in time for a good sunrise picture. 

I started out thinking I'd just run 1 mile and then head home, but I got to 1 mile and thought I'd go for 2. I ended up running 1 and walking 3. I kept telling myself that it's better than nothing. Tomorrow I'll run 13.1. My 11th one! I'm sure it'll be slow, but I love doing it. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Got out earlier

This morning I had my alarm set to go off earlier so I could get out and around most of my run before the sun hit the best parts of rising. I went around another direction so I would be facing the sunrise for the majority of my run. I should have gotten out earlier cause about 15 minutes into my run the sky was on fire. It was amazing! 
I caught the tail end of it. 

I finished running 5.3 miles without walking. It feels good to be back in the saddle of running every day. I just need to keep it going through out the year and not quit after a week. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

This morning I was in deep sleep dreaming about trying to get a picture of the sunrise, when I realized it was morning and I needed to get up and run if I was going to get a picture of the REAL sunrise! I started out just in time. 

About 2 miles in my mom texts me saying she sees me passing by. So, I circled around and caught up with her. I walked as she ran and I ended up getting in 4.2 miles. Not too bad for the start of 2014!