Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Get outta my lane!

This morning I went for a 2 mile run and then went and swam for 30 minutes. The run was good. I ran in the neighborhood next to the rec center. It went quickly.

 I am REALLY not enjoying this "master swim" that's been going on during my swim time. Don't get me wrong, I really not mind sharing a lane, but when someone gets in my way and stands right where I need to turn around that's when I don't like sharing a lane. Just cause you're a "master swimmer" and I'm just a lap swimmer doesn't mean you can claim the lane and be rude. I got 1300 yds done in 30.39. I swam my fastest 500 today! Yay. :) I think I was just wanting to get it done and get out of there.

(500 in 10.51.64)
Total: 30.39.00

(lap average 2.21.46)

Not bad, not bad. :) I felt good today. It's nice to swim after a run. It's a good way to stretch out your muscles. My legs aren't aching as much from doing the breaststroke anymore. So, that's good. 

Tomorrow I'll run 3 miles. Fun, fun. :)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Made it happen

Today I was without a car. I didn't have a way to get to the pool. I was going to just walk today for my cross training but, I decided that I would actually need a car for the kids school... anyway. An awesome friend let me borrow her car to run my errands and to get my swim in. I swam 1200 in 30.02

L1- 2.04.15
L2- 2.16.66
L3- 2.18.06
L4- 2.27.19
L5- 2.23.47
(500 in 11.29.53)
L6- 2.31.73
L7- 2.51.82
L8- 2.44.60
L9- 2.50.38
L10- 2.31.61
L11- 2.34.27
L12- 2.27.16
Total: 1200 in 30.01.10

I used to be the only one in the pool, but it looks like the "masters swim" is going on at 9 am every morning. Ugh... I hate sharing a lane. I hope it changes soon. Oh well, at least I got it done. :)

Monday, April 22, 2013

Day 1 of half marathon training... DONE

I started to run on the treadmill while Jason was exercising... Yeah, not the best idea. Rose came down stairs wanting attention. Treadmills + 2 year olds= not a good idea. Anyway. I ended up going around the neighborhood later on in the day. It was windy and chilly and there was a light drizzle. My legs were still sore from my big swim on Saturday, but I was able to do 5k in 37 min. Not bad. I gotta get back into the groove of things. 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

2000 yards!

I didn't really want to swim today. I was sore from my run yesterday and I wasn't feeling it 100%, but I had to keep my routine. If I gave it up right now I'd fall behind and I'm doing so well right now. Anyway... I got to the pool and the little kid's swim team was going on. There was 1 lane open for me so, I got started and then switched over to a different lane once everyone cleared out. I started out planning on doing 1700 again, but once I hit 1800 I figured I'd keep going. :) I even pushed it on the last lap so I could get 2000 in under 50 min. I hit it in 49.17!!! Yay!!

L1- 2.02.76
L2- 2.15.22
L3- 2.37.07
L4- 2.42.60
L5- 2.12.25
(500 IN 11.49.90)
L6- 2.35.60
L7- 2.38.68
L8- 2.42.09
L9- 2.39.09
L10- 2.37.48
L11- 2.09.62
L12- 2.19.56
L13- 2.27.18
L14- 2.23.61
L15- 2.25.97
L16- 2.35.07
L17- 2.51.43
L18- 2.47.11
L19- 2.14.68
L20- 2.00.53

Total: 2000 in 49.17.60

I felt AWESOME!!!! I was gasping for air on that last lap though, I'm not gonna lie. lol! It wasn't easy to go that fast after that much. 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Running, running, running!

It was a windy and cold, but I wanted to run. I ran and I ran. I ran 3.16 miles and then walked 1. Well, the 1 I walked I did fartleks, so it wasn't a total walk. Each time there was a down hill I'd run as fast as I could from sign to sign. It felt good to get out there. It wasn't as easy as it was the other day on the treadmill, but that's ok. I'll get back into it. I think I'm going to start a half marathon plan. I've gotta get some structure in my routine, plus I have a couple of half marathons planned for this year and I want to do them right. I have 11 weeks and 6 days until the first one I have planned (The Hobbler Half).

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Tuesday I didn't swim or run. The day was full with day to day stuff and there was a Drs appointment right during my normal swim time. Wednesday I swam. There were a TON of people there. I had to share a lane with some guy. I was all self conscious so I started off with kicking and then started my normal swimming once everyone started leaving and I could get a lane of my own. I ended up doing 1700 in 43.15. It took my 14 min to do 500 and that's cause I kicked all of it. 

Today it was busy again. I didn't have to share a lane (yay!) I really hope this doesn't become a new thing. I enjoy just being the only one there swimming laps. Today I felt strong. It was nice. 

L1- 2.08.46
L2- 2.36.55
L3- 2.06.30
L4- 2.36.61
L5- 2.21.19
(500 in 11.49.11)

L6- 2.25.21
L7- 2.34.38
L8- 2.31.30
L9- 2.36.70
L10- 2.33.98
L11- 2.06.46
L12- 2.29.56
L13- 2.41.22
L14- 2.38.54
L15- 2.47.27
L16- 2.49.40

Total: 1800 in 44.56.11

Today I tried paying attention to my strokes when it came to freestyle. I wanted to make sure that I took nice long strokes and practiced breathing from both sides. One thing I noticed was I have a stronger stroke when I breath to my left, but I'm  weaker breathing to that side. So, today when I swam I made sure to switch off and on between my left and right sides. I also noticed that my body naturally went into a dolphin kick when I pushed off the sides. My body is starting to get back into the groove of swimming. I was amazed that I was able to do my 500 in 11.49. That's my fastest one yet. I'm trying to figure out when the best time to start adding running would be. Do I do it before a couple hours earlier in the morning when everyone is still sleeping? Or do I do it right before I swim? Or do I wait later in the day? I don't know. I just know that I would enjoy adding running to my routine again. I just have to figure out a time when it doesn't take away from family time. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Swimming and Boston

This morning I went to the gym with Jason and the kids. Jason was going to do the elliptical while I swam. There were a lot of people up in the treadmill/elliptical room so, Jason was nervous. I went down and swam with my CHARGED ipod. I really liked having music while I swam. There's a couple things that I'm going to have to get used to with listening to music while swimming. The earphones are SO good that they block out ALL outside noise, so it throws me off some mentally. I like to hear what's going on around me so having them plugged makes my head feel weird. The other thing is the length of the cord on the earphones. I have them wrapped up like I'm supposed to, but I have to find the perfect length. I had them too long today and the bugged me a little. All in all though, I loved it. It was great. I did well and I felt good. I think I'm pushing it more while I swim and that's a good thing. I was starting to feel tired towards the end. Backstroke isn't my friend. I always run into the sides. I only did about 50 of that, but I could feel it working other muscles so, I think tomorrow I'll work on it more and get better. 

(500 in 12.20.16)




Total: 39.50.93

Well, my little brother and cousin ran Boston today. My bro finished in 3.01 and my cousin finished in 3.17. They're awesome runners. Both of them are ok after the race. They finished long before the explosions. My brother was at a friends house, but from what I understand one of the explosions was in my cousin's hotel. They said she left the finish line area right before the explosion and is ok. What a crazy thing to happen! I hope all those involved are taken care of. What a horrible thing to happen on such a wonderful day. 

Saturday, April 13, 2013


Guess what came in the mail yesterday... A waterproof iPod Shuffle from AudioFlood!! I was SOOO excited to use it today, but due to user error I was dumb and didn't charge it. Lame! Oh well, it's charging now and I will use it on Monday. The headphones though are pretty awesome. I used them on the treadmill this morning while I ran 5k and watched a couple shows on History and Discovery. They kept me distracted and the headphones blocked out all the sound around me so all I focused on was the show. 

You know what's awesome about swimming... it makes running SOOO much easier. I ran 5k this morning like it was NOTHING. My legs didn't ache, my breathing was normal, and most of all, I felt strong. 

After the run I showered off and then went to the pool. I felt nice and warmed up. My arms and legs were ready to go, plus the cool water felt awesome after a hot run. My watch only goes up to 30 laps so, I changed it so each lap=100. I wasn't too sure how I'd do with that just cause it's tough to keep count sometimes, but it seemed to work well. I just messed up once. Today I ended up doing  1300 in 31.53! LOVE it!!

(500 in 12.31.71)

TOTAL: 31.53.01

I felt good today. I felt strong. I even pushed it a few times and swam free as fast as I could. The best part about this week of swimming.... I'm down 2.6 pounds this week!!! Yes!!! Now, if I can just keep this up it'd be awesome!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Stronger and faster

I went to the pool again today. It's so nice when you start to get into a routine. I'm excited to see this baby weight fall and the inches drop. It's tough not to get self conscious in the pool when you've got the back fat going on and thunder thighs, but hey, I have 5 awesome kids. They're worth all of it. Now, I just need to work hard and get in shape. 

L1- 54.19
L2- 1.07.26
L3- 1.21.91
L4- 1.20.16
L5- 1.25.10
L6- 1.24.00
L7- 1.03.44
L8- 1.07.66
L9- 1.22.39
L10- 1.18.38
(500 in 12.23.49)
L11- 1.28.25
L12- 1.19.91
L13- 1.16.49
L14- 1.16.72
L15- 1.11.48
L16- 1.18.59
L17- 1.18.67
L18- 1.17.71
L19- 1.17.96
L20- 1.18.31
L21- 1.07.62
L22- 1.10.74
L23- 1.18.06
L24- 1.20.90

Total: 1200 in 30.24.90

I shaved off SO much time. I love it!!! None of the numbers went into the 1.30s. When I was at my peak back around 1996-1997 I could swim a 500 close to 6 minutes. I wonder if I could do that again. I wonder if I could get to that point. How awesome would that be. I'm going to have to change my header up there and include a pair of swim goggles in the picture and change the name. 
Now, I need to clean the house before Jason gets home. That should give me a good amount of steps. There's a LOT to do. 

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Ok, so... I've noticed a lot of the running bloggers aren't just running anymore. Or some have quit all together. I have started swimming again. I'm getting into a routine and I'm going to start throwing in some running each week. I have a couple half marathons this year and I need to be in running shape for those. I just need to be patient with myself. 

So, here's my swim stats for today:
It took me 30.11! Not bad for 1100. Yesterday I did 1000 ( I think... I lost count. I think I might have done more) in 33 min. Today I brought a watch with me and used it to track my laps.

L1- 56.70
L2- 1.09.60
L3- 1.33.14
L4- 1.36.47
L5- 1.30.71
L6- 1.29.76
L7- 1.08.32
L8- 1.25.36
L9- 1.26.82
L10- 1.29.24
L11- 1.34.40
L12- 1.24.90
L13- 1.26.52
L14- 1.28.53
L15- 1.21.11
L16- 1.21.95
L17- 1.23.04
L18- 1.25.93
L19- 1.24.06
L20- 56.80
L21- 1.25.28
L22- 1.13.07

I like seeing the numbers. I'm excited to see the numbers change. I felt really good today. I felt stronger.  I felt like I was getting into the groove of swimming again. I love it!! I can't wait until my swim suit doesn't fit cause I'm thinner and I can get a smaller better looking one. 

The lady next to me had one of these awesome ipod shuffles that is water proof!! 
How cool would that be?! I'd love to have one. 

I think tonight I'll get on the treadmill and walk some just to do it.