Friday, May 8, 2015

Provo City Half

I was a little nervous about this race the couple days leading up to it. I was nervous that it would be like the Salt Lake Half and I hate the feeling of crashing, especially at mile 6. I was so tempted to not run this one. I was also having problems with my levothyroxine meds and had to get off of them. I was having major full body fatigue and horrible brain fog. A couple days of getting off the meds, I switched to Synthroid and I feel a LOT better. I feel back to where I was before the medication, but not 100% yet. 

Anyway, I knew I couldn't back out, my momma was running it and I didn't want to bail on her! She has been training so hard for this. I get all my determination from her. :) 

My momma and me before the race started. I love that woman! :) 
The race start was beautiful, as always. It's always so nice up the Provo canyon. The weather wasn't too bad. It was chilly up there, but not as bad as last year, that's for sure. Mom and I brought our race blankets with us and it kept us warm. I met up with a few of my running friends. I knew the awesome Susette would be pacing the 2.10 group and my plan was to stick with her for a little bit and then pass her up and not let her get in front of me. 

I said goodbye to my mom and the race started, I stayed with Susette until about mile 3 and then left her behind when we were weaving through people on the trail. I was feeling good. My mind was pretty clear compared to Salt Lake City Half. My muscles were feeling good. The miles ticked away and I was still feeling good around mile 6. I kept telling myself the goal was to stay under 10 minute miles and I was doing a pretty good job at that. Around mile 8 I took a GU just to be safe. I didn't want to crash. 

Mile 10 came and that's when it started getting hard. I don't know if it was the sugar from the GU or what, but I was starting to crash and was doing a walk/run. Around mile 11.5 I hear Susette, "Cathy!!! Don't let me pass you!!!" I turned around to see her while I was walking and picked up the pace. I booked it for about a quarter of a mile before I started feeling it again. I could see the finish line, it was only a mile or so away by this point. Susette caught up to me and wouldn't let me fall behind. I fell behind at one point around mile 12.5 and she says, "You'll get 2.08 if you finish now!" So, I took every bit of energy I had and booked it at a 6 minute pace for the last .10 of the race. Sure enough, I  finished at 2.08.45! 

I am so thankful for Susette and her pacing abilities. She is the BEST pacer out there and an even more amazing friend. 
You can see Susette behind me in the yellow shirt. 

I hung around with my dad for a little bit and then we walked about 2 miles up and caught up with my momma. She did great! She finished in 3.31. Not bad at all! Way to go momma! I love being able to do races with my mom. 

After the race we went to Cafe Rio and headed home. I felt really good during this race. My mind was clear and my body was feeling good. I didn't feel the full body fatigue like I did last time and I really think it's because of the different meds. 

My next race is the Utah Valley Half. I'll be running it with my 2 brothers, my mom, and my sister. It'll be a great race!