Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I wonder...

(the start of my route)

...what's been causing me to feel like my legs are filled with lead. It's so weird. I'm going faster than normal, but I feel like I'm going insanely slow and it feels like it's taking SOOO much effort. The good thing though, I'm getting out there and running. I wonder if I'm not getting enough nutrition. More protein maybe? It's weird cause I'm drinking a ton and eating healthy. I've taken out candies and cookies. I'm not hungry...I'll try more protein tomorrow.

Anyway! This morning I woke up to my alarm, but I decided it would be better for me to wait to do my run when the kids were down for naps. I was going to do 7 miles and taking a new route, so I wanted to make sure I knew where I was going. It was nice to get 3 more hours of sleep. :)

So, I started out feeling awesome.The weather was sooo nice! I started out with all my usual layers, but before the first mile was over I ditched my gloves and my scarf. I did my 3rd mile in 8.56! I don't remember the last time I ran a mile that fast....elementary school maybe? Hahaha! After running that mile (it was mostly down hill) I was pretty worn out, so I walked for a little bit and took off my jacket and wrapped it around my waist. I'm not a big fan of carrying things while I run. That's why I never bring water with me, I don't like the feeling of holding it. I don't think I'd like the water belt either cause the jacket was annoying enough. Maybe I'll try out my camel-back. Anyway, I picked up the pace and ran the next 2 miles back up hill. After that the last 2 miles took FOREVER! I felt so slow and I felt like the run was taking SOOO much energy. It's really going to be important for me to plan out a flatter route for Saturday's 10 miler. Towards the end of my run I kept thinking that I need to bring water. The water at the lake looked SOOO good! lol I'm gonna experiment and figure out what method works best for me, holding a bottle, a belt, or a camel-back...we'll see what works.

Here's my splits:
1. 11.17 (flat)
2. 11.00 (flat)
3. 8.56 (down hill)
4. 12.53 (up hill)
5. 12.39 (up hill)
6. 12.42 (up hill)
7. 12.10 (flat)

Not too bad. :) Tomorrow is an easy 4 miles. I'm planning on getting up early and going. Tomorrow's another busy day!

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daily mom said...

sounds like you may need extra protein. as for the water...let us know what you decide. you had a great run today!