Monday, November 22, 2010

Dead and Alive

Well, here I am.... 28 weeks.

I'm still alive. Our little girl, Rosalie, is growing strong and kicking constantly. My belly's getting bigger and I've been getting what exercise I can, when I can. Remember how I was freaking out that I was measuring small? Well, at my last appointment I'm measuring big. I'm just glad to know that she's growing strong. That's what matters.

The poor laptop is still in the shop (big reason I've been MIA) and my elliptical died the day I took that picture. It's like all the forces around me are making it impossible for me to exercise while I'm pregnant this time around. I just need to make it a priority to move.

The snow's been coming down the past couple of days and I really miss running in the fresh fallen snow early in the morning before anyone else. It was such a peaceful thing. Next year... I can't wait to start running again. It's going to be so great. :) I have a couple of races planned already. It's going to be a FUN running year.

I'm hoping to be able to post more soon, if the laptop is fixed when it's supposed to I'll post more often and show you a new review from CSN stores. You know them, they have everything from tv tables to cooking tools. They're the perfect place to shop for the holidays!

I hope everyone out there is having fun running. Run a few miles for me!!!