Friday, April 30, 2010

Ooh! It's almost time!!

It's almost time for my 2nd Half Marathon! Exciting! I'm feeling pretty good and I'm ready to go in the morning. It looks like the weather won't be too bad. I'm gonna take my time and enjoy the race. :)

Good luck to all those who who are running races this weekend!! I can't wait to hear all about them!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Good to go!

Well, I went to the pt again today and she said I was good to go for the half on Saturday. :) I'm excited to see how I do. I'm not expecting a PR, but wouldn't it be awesome if I did? I walked 2 miles yesterday and ran 6 without any problems. I love that I'm not aching anymore. My legs are sore from all the swimming, but it's all good. It's really interesting how many different muscles you use doing different things.

Tomorrow's an easy day when it comes to running. Just 2 & 2. I hope to get it done early cause I have a ton of cleaning to do.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sony Walkman Review AND Giveaway! (Giveaway Closed!)

After trying it out for a week here's what I thought.

· Design – its lightweight, water-resistant frame ensures proper functionality during extended periods of activity inside or outside – even in the rain. CHECK! It's so lightweight that you don't realize it's there. The only thing I've found is when I ran hard it kept falling out of my right ear. But, when J wore it he had no problems and they stayed in just fine.

· 2GB of maximum capacity – holds approximately 470 songs CHECK! I was able to load a whole audio book on it with room to spare.

· Quick Charge Option – for on-the-go or those who have forgotten to charge, charge 3 minutes for up to 90 minutes of play time. Full battery life is approximately 11 hours CHECK! I really liked the quick charge option.  It makes a difference when you forget to charge it and only have a few minutes before you're ready to go.

· Easy Music Transfer – Content Transfer software allows users to move music files and playlists straight from a PC/iTunes library Meh, so, I'm sure it would have helped to read the directions more, but it wasn't THAT easy. And I'm sure it's easier if you're just doing music. But it took me over 45 minutes to figure out how to load a audio book on it and then make sure it was all in the right order.

-Light weight
-No wires
-You don't have to carry around an iPod or try to shove one into a little pocket.
-You can load a bunch of songs on it.
-It sounds really good. It sounded like the music was in my head. It wasn't muffled or anything.
-It's really cool how the two ends of the earphones are magnetized and connect together for nice storage.

-Fell off my ears while I ran. (Might just be cause I have little ears or something cause J didn't have a problem.)
-Audio books don't work with it especially if you hit the wrong button. It'll reset the whole playlist and you'll have to search through the whole thing. Which isn't fun to do while you're running.
-The pause, play, and skip button are all the same button. The only thing that's different is how you push it. Which is kinda confusing when your running, but it gets easier the more you use it.
-It's kinda futuristic. At first I felt like I was wearing a bluetooth in both ears. Which can be a pro or a con depending on what you like. :)

All in all it's a good device. I'd recommend it if you don't want to shell out a ton for an iPod and if you hate the wires that you have with an iPod. J likes it so much that he's already claimed mine!

Now for the fun stuff!

Would you like your own Sony Wireless Walkman? Here's what you gotta do to enter to win one.

-Follow my blog. Let me know if you already do or if you're new! (Required)

-Visit Sony's site all about the wireless Walkman and tell me what your favorite feature is.

-Link the giveaway on your blog, tweet it, put it on Facebook, whatever you want! (Leave a comment for EACH thing you do.)

-Do you guys remember the old Walkmans, before CDs came along? Tell me a fun memory you have of using one of those. If you don't remember those, what about the CD ones? It's amazing how far Walkmans have come.

-Last, but not least....ask me a question. Any question. I'm running out of things to write on my blog. (haha...running...get it....) I feel my posts are rather boring. :)

I'll post a winner next Wednesday, May 5th! 

(Disclaimer: I was given a Walkman to tryout and review, however my review is entirely honest.)

Monday, April 26, 2010


2 miles walking, 4 miles running, and 500 meters swimming....DONE!  It's been years since I swam a 500. It felt good! I can't wait to do it again.

Jeez, this  is going to be a boring post cause I'm tired.

I just want to say thanks to everyone who's given me support. It means a lot to me!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

This Week's Runs!

Ok, so after watching Avatar I think it's an alright movie. The last fight sequence was the best part of the whole thing, maybe it would have been more amazing if I saw it in 3D.

Anyway.... This week's going to be fun. I'll be running and I'm going to start back with swimming. I used to be a lifeguard when I was a teen and I would swim a 500 every day. The goal was to swim it in under 14 minutes and by the end of the summer I could do it in under 7. I wonder if I can do that again.

I'm thinking swimming will be good cross training for me. I used to LOVE swimming. The only thing I have to do now is get past the whole stretch mark + swimsuit + pale white legs with a funky capri tan line thing. Hahaha! Naw, I don't really care about that. It'll be fun. I can't wait. :)

So, here's this weeks schedule:
Monday: 2 miles (walk) 4 miles (run) +  500 meters swim
Tuesday: 2 miles (walk) 6 miles (run)
Wednesday: 2 miles (walk) 4 miles (run) + 500 meters swim
Thursday: 2 miles (walk) 2 miles (run) + 500 meters swim
Friday: OFF + 500 meters swim
Saturday: Provo City Half Marathon!!!!!
Sunday: OFF

Ok, so it looks like a LOT, but here's the thing.  I'm going to do double days. I'm going to walk and swim in the morning and then run in the afternoon or the other way around. I'm also planning on doing a walk/run for the Half. I don't want to hurt myself so I'm being careful, but I also want to be strong and ready for my marathon, so I know I need to get this stuff in.

Yep, this weeks going to be a good week.

Here's another cool thing, B started T Ball and she's the ONLY girl on her team. I thought there would be more, but it's all good. She's awesome at T Ball and she can't wait for her first game on Tuesday. :) I love my sporty little girl.

My goals this week are to take my time and not hurt myself. I'm still going to listen to my body and I'm going to stop if it tells me to stop. I'm going go watch what I eat and I'm not going to eat 2nd helpings of strawberry shortcake. Haha! I love that stuff. I'm going to clean the whole house and get it all ready for my little bro and his family. I can't wait!!!

I hope everyone has a good week!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Guess what....guess what!!

I RAN 6 miles!! Isn't that awesome! 6 miles of NO PAIN. There was a little bit of dull ache during certain points, but if I payed attention to my posture and the way I landed I felt great. I wanted to run more, I could have gone longer, but I kept thinking that I should save it and build back up rather than do it all now and hurt myself again.

I got up this morning and I planned on running only 4 miles, but after doing a 2 mile warm up and then being 4 miles into my run I thought I'd go as far as 6 miles. The first 2 miles my legs wanted to run, but I held back until it was time and then I ran. I took my time and I ran. It was SOO nice.

This morning was a good morning. I followed it up with an hour or two of working in the garden with J and my sister. Fun, fun! I love Saturdays! :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

7 days and 7 weeks.

7 days until my next half marathon and 7 weeks until my first full marathon. It's starting to sink in that my first marathon's coming up. I can't wait, it's going to be FUN! I'm also a little nervous at the same time. I'm sure everything will work out perfectly.

Today I went to the PT and she said I was looking good, but I was REALLY tight. She massaged my IT band for a little bit and then showed me some more stretches and exercises. She thinks I'll be good to walk/run on Saturday. Oooh, and know what the weather's supposed to be on Saturday? THUNDERSTORMS. Fun, huh? Last year it snowed, this year rain.

Tomorrow I'm getting up early and I'm going to attempt to run a few miles. If it hurts I'll stop and walk, but I'm excited to get out there and get going. I can't wait to see what happens. :)

Ok, so this is non-running, but have you guys watched Avatar? I'm watching it right now and I think it's kinda lame, maybe I'm not far enough into the movie. I dunno.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Now that's what I'm talking about!

I just got home from the gym where I did 30 minutes on the bike and then did 30 min run/walk around the indoor track. It's a 1/16th of a mile around the track (I think) and I did 3 laps running/2 laps walking for 30 minutes. There was no pain, but I could feel it tightening up and walking 2 of the laps seemed to help a lot to loosen it up before running again. I think that's what I'll end up doing for my 2nd Half Marathon on the first. There's no way I'm going to miss out on that thing. I paid for it, I have to go. I may not run it, but I'm going to be there and I'm going to cross the finish.

Today I felt great. It was nice getting a good workout in. The bike wasn't so bad either, once I figured out how to use it right. I even got in some hip exercises on one of those machines. I feel really good and I can't wait to see what the PT says tomorrow. Hopefully she gives me the green light to keep on training. I'm really feeling positive. I think I'm going to be fine for the full marathon in June.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

You gotta have faitha, faitha, faitha....BABY....

That song is STUCK in my head. I gotta find it online or something and listen to it to get it out.

Anyway...that stuff works, you wanna know why? Cause today I did a set of 6 sprints with NO PAIN. Yup, I ran today with no pain when I did sprints. Not one tinge of pain. The only time I could feel any kind of hurt was when I would run slow. Maybe that means I've got to become a sprinter. Hahaha, yeah right. I enjoy long runs. Today I walked/ran/sprinted 4 miles and I feel good. :)

Here's how it went this morning. I started out walking at my usual pace. I turned a corner and something in my head said, "Ok, Cathy. I want you to sprint to that pole." So, that's what I did. I sprinted as hard as my little legs would take me. When I got to the pole I walked for a minute and while I walked I heard, "Ok, there's no pain. Let's do 6 sprints total. You've done one and here comes another. When you get to that corner sprint until you get to the next corner." I listened and did it again. I got to the end and walked to recover. Then I heard, "You're doing great. This time we aren't going to sprint we're just going to run at a fast pace from the corner to the bridge." Ok, that's a longer distance, but I got this. I ran, no pain other than my lungs getting used to breathing like that again. It kept going like that until I had done 6 sprints without any problems. When I got to the playground I heard, "Ok, we're going to jog at a normal pace now. It may hurt a little, but we're kind of looking for that and I want you to run through it for a couple seconds." So, I ran around the corner and under a bridge until I  heard, "When you get to that sign, stop." I stopped when I got there and stretched out my legs some and felt that I should do some kicks. I walked some more around a little loop that took me up to a bridge. When I got there it came again, "Sprint over the bridge." I did it and felt fine. I walked some more. Took a picture and heard, "Now jog home." I jogged home. The aches I felt were less than what they were when I jogged by the park and under the bridge. I did 4 miles 6 minutes faster than I did last week, I'm sure the sprints helped. :) I felt good other than getting used to breathing again while running. I even came home and did my stretches and exercises right away. That foam roller thing....PAINFUL! I don't know how people like that thing.

So, I'm on the right track to be better by Monday if today I'm feeling 85-90% today. I just gotta keep on keepin' on. :)
Today's trails around the lake.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A little blah & a TON of faith.

That's all there is to say today.....

Ok, so not really. Today was a GREAT day for everything in my life other than running. I'm just getting jealous of everyone out there running, that's all.

I just gotta have faith. Here's me having faith...ready?

I am going to run this marathon and I'm going to be 100% by Monday of next week. YOU HEAR ME? I'M GOING TO BE 100% BY MONDAY. I AM! You wait and see.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Not bad for a Monday.

I got up at 6:45 and went for a 4 mile walk around the lake. I felt good. No aching, other than a blister between my toes from wearing new flip flops over the weekend. I stretched  and did my exercises.

My cross training consisted of hoeing, weeding, and rototilling a big garden for about 2 hours. (That counts right?) I had fun watching the kids play in the sprinkler and run around in the yard. Don't you just LOVE spring?

I also found out that my best friend and sister-in-law, Hayley has a running blog now, Beautiful Exhaustion. Go check it out and give her some love. Today's post is HILARIOUS!! She's such an awesome chick. We were best friends in high school, she moved away and about 5 years later she and my little bro met up and got married while they were in college. How cool is that? She's prego with her 2nd and having fun running while doing  it. :)

I also got a new toy to play with! I can't wait to try it out and see how it works.

Tomorrow will be busy, but I'm going to get my stuff done. I hope everyone had a great day today!

A new toy!

I was just sent a new toy to try out and review this week! It's a Sony Wireless Walkman MP3 Player. I love trying out new stuff. :)

Here's some details about it:
· Design – its lightweight, water-resistant frame ensures proper functionality during extended periods of activity inside or outside – even in the rain.

· 2GB of maximum capacity – holds approximately 470 songs

· Quick Charge Option – for on-the-go or those who have forgotten to charge, charge 3 minutes for up to 90 minutes of play time. Full battery life is approximately 11 hours

· Easy Music Transfer – Content Transfer software allows users to move music files and playlists straight from a PC/iTunes library

· SRP: $60, available at, Sony Style retail stores & other authorized retailers nationwide
Right now I'm syncing Harry Potter and the Camber of Secrets on it. We'll have to see how it does tomorrow during my walk. J tried it on when I opened the package and his first thought was "If you don't like all the wires of an iPod then this thing's for you." He really likes it. I'll give a full review in a week to let you know what I think about it.
What do you think? After reading the info about it, do you think it's something you would want?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

This Week's Schedule.

There are two ways I can go into this week. I can go into it with a positive attitude or I can go into it with a negative one. I can go into it thinking that I'm hurt and I can't run, why even try to keep going. Or I can go into it thinking that I'm hurt and this week will heal me.

My brain and my hormones are saying to go with the negative. My heart on the other hand is telling me to go with the positive. It's so hard when I just want to quit, but I've gotten SO much great advice and guidance that I can't quit. I'm just SO afraid that I won't ever heal and I won't be able to run my marathon.+++

I have been blessed with many talents and one of them is enduring. I think that's why I enjoy long runs. This is just another thing I need to endure. I need to do what I'm told and not push myself or give up all together. Every thing's going to work out...I'll be better and I'll run my marathon without any pain. 

Ok, so I know this post is all over the place, but it's just one of those days, ya know?

This week's schedule is:
Monday: walk, cross train, stretches
Tuesday: walk, strength train, stretches
Wednesday: walk, cross train, stretches
Thursday: walk, strength train, stretches
Friday: walk, cross train, stretches
Saturday: walk as far as I can, strength train, stretches
Sunday: OFF

There's a lot of walking going in there, but I don't have any pain and I think it's helping me keep up with my training. Plus, it's been a really good way for me to have some positive time alone with myself. The cross training, I'm not sure if it'll be the elliptical or the bike, I may even switch it up every day, I just gotta find something interesting to do while I do it. Maybe I'll watch Run Fat Boy Run a couple times. :)

This week will also consist of a lot of prayer/meditation. I gotta get better....I just have to. 

Here's to a great week!

Good luck to all the Boston racers out there!!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Well, I tried...

I tried to walk, really I did. But, something in me wouldn't let me. I took about 10 steps past the start and had to jog/run/trot, whatever you want to call it.
(Here I am at the start. There were so many people for the 5k that it took them more than 10 minutes to get everyone out of the shoot.)

I woke up this morning with pain in my knee. I was thinking that it was just sore from using the foam roller for the first time at the PT office and from all the stretches & exercises I have been doing. I was nervous that I wouldn't even be able to walk the 5k. Last night was a rough night, I just kept thinking negative thoughts and I wanted to quit. I wanted to quit everything, the training, the marathon, the 5k.  But, when I was getting ready this morning I told myself I would do as much as I can do....and that's what I did. I ran. I ran without pain for the first half and then I started to feel it coming on after a little while, but I found that if I landed a certain way or if I didn't bend my knee as much as I usually do than it didn't hurt. I did take a couple of walking steps here and there, but I listened to my body and did what it wanted to do. If it said to keep running, I kept running. If it said to slow down and walk, I walked.

(Almost at the finish...I wonder if I could say I was walking in this picture...I'm not sure the PT would believe me. lol)

I made it across the finish line in 38.04, not bad for having a bum knee, huh? The funny thing is, last year at this time my average 5k time was 47 minutes. Even with a bum knee I'm faster than I was a year ago. J even said this was the most excited/happy looking he's seen me at the finish. He said it looked like I was really enjoying myself. :)

Right now, about 6 hours after my race, I have NO pain at all. My muscles are sore, but that's to be expected. I feel like I'm 100%. I am being careful though. There is no way I'm going to jump back into running 8 or 10 or 15 miles any time soon. I'm still going to walk and cross train and strength train next week and I may throw in a minute or two of jogging every once in a while during a walk, but I'm being careful. I want to heal and I want to be 100% for my marathon. :)

Oooh, I also went and weighed in today and guess who's down 2 pounds!! It pays off when you track your food. I'm only 5.6 pounds from my goal weight. Go me!

Friday, April 16, 2010

More exercises and more advice.

Today I went to the physical therapist. She thinks it's my IT band that's giving me issues and my weak, uneven hips aren't helping it. Plus, I'm not stretching after runs or strength training or cross training so I'm pretty much asking for injury. You know, I've thought the same thing for a little while now, but it's all good. I'm sure it's a blessing in disguise.

This morning we went on a 3 mile walk as a family around the lake. I even raced B a couple times without any pain. It was fun, I would have liked to go faster, but J's back is hurt and he could only go so fast. I ran for a few minutes on the treadmill at the PT office and it didn't hurt that bad, but it was bad enough that I knew I didn't want to go any further. I don't want to undo the healing I've been doing.

So, the PT said I need to stretch, cross train, strength train and use one of those foam rollers. All next week no running just strength and cross training. I can keep doing my miles walking, but I've gotta include the other stuff. I may try to throw in a minute of jogging here or there, but the goal is to be good by next week so I'm cleared to continue with training.

Oh, those with RunningSkirts questions...I have both skirts the ones with briefs and the ones with shorts. The ones I was wearing have shorts, I loved them! They didn't ride up, but I'm not sure if it was cause the shorts are that awesome or if it was because of the Body Glide, but it worked. Maybe in a week or two I'll be brave enough to wear the brief ones, but for now those are the ones I wear with capris.

Tomorrow's the SLC Marathon 5k....I'll be one of the walkers out there! :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

7 miles and no chafing

I did it! I wore my running skirt outside without capris!

Ok, so I'm no TMB I could only wish, but I was proud of myself for getting up the guts to go out and do my miles in my awesome running skirt, crazy capri tan lines and all.

Holy cow, I didn't think my legs were that white. I knew my tan line was bad and I figured that this would be the best way to get rid of it, plus fat looks better tan...right? lol! Oooh, and you know what I'm a BIG fan of...Body Glide. That stuff works! My thighs rubbing together for 7 miles, you'd think there would be some chafing, but noooo. I wasn't sure it would work, but it did!

Since I decided that I would do my miles walking rather than running for the time being, that's what I did. I went 7 miles around the lake and guess what...NO PAIN! No aches, nothing... Isn't that nuts? I'm hoping to find out something tomorrow at my PT appointment about what causes the pain. Maybe it's the way I run or land or something.

I was proud of my walk. I did good keeping at a fast consistent pace. I'm proud of myself. I feel like I'm doing good keeping with my marathon training.

Anyway, maybe I'll jump on the P90X bandwagon and get some muscles and then I will totally rock a Black Polka Dot Athletic Skirt or an Orange RunningSkirts skirt. They are SO comfy. They don't roll up or slide down. I even had my iPhone in my pocket the whole time and it didn't pull the skirt down. That's a good skirt! :) I've been trying to get a RunningSkirts skirt for a giveaway with no luck. Maybe I'll call 'em up and order one. You girls would want one, right? We'll see what I can do to celebrate my 2nd half marathon in 15 days.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Go Speed Racer!

Ok, so it was more like, "Go Speed Walker!" Hahaha! I felt like Hal on that episode of Malcolm in The Middle. You know which one I'm talking about. (It was freakin' HARD to find a clip of that episode online or even a picture of Hal in his weird outfit. So, the one website that I found is full of ads and crap. Sorry!)

Today I decided that I'd rather walk than bike. I want to go the miles. I'm getting to the point that I'd rather go 12 miles speed walking than not be able to go the miles at all. Here's the crazy thing...when I run it HURTS. When I walk...NOTHING...nothing...not one ache, not one pain, NOTHIN'. So, this is the conclusion I came to tonight: You know when you were little and everything was about being obedient? Well, I haven't been very obedient. I haven't been listening to my body, my coach, my soul, my get the picture. Today was tough. The workout wasn't tough, I felt silly, but it wasn't tough...the part that was tough was listening to my body. It's been YELLING at me, "Hey! Stop running on me, I need a break!" and I keep telling it, "Hey, listen up. I'm in control and you're gonna do what I tell ya." but, little did I know my body will make me listen.

So, today I listened. I walked, I didn't run and you know what, it paid off, I was able to go the distance with NO PAIN! Another plus about my 4 mile walk, I went right before the sun went down and it was beautiful around the lake while the sun set. It totally felt like spring. I LOVE it!
(It looks a million times better on my phone.)
For the rest of the week I'm going to speed walk my miles. I'm going to do my stretches, ice my knee, listen to my body, and do what I know is right. I'm still going to the race on Saturday. I won't PR and I probably won't even run the whole thing if at all, but I know if I let myself heal now then I will be in great shape for my marathon in less than 60 days! :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Well, that didn't work...

I was going to write a whole post about how I got a knee brace and it magically made everything perfect and I was able to run 9 miles without any problems. Well, I got the brace, ran a mile and had to walk/run (with more walking than running) the last 3 miles. I wish I knew what was up. My hips felt fine, my legs felt great, it's just that stupid right knee. I guess I'll just have to do the bike or the elliptical tomorrow. The only thing with the elliptical is, my toes go numb when I do it. Am I the only one out there who has that problem?

Oh well, 4 miles today is better than nothing. It's just so weird  cause right now I feel 100% like I could run with no problems, it's just that stinkin' knee. I've done my stretches, iced it, heated  it, stretched it...lets hope something works.

Monday, April 12, 2010

To the doctor I go...

I went to see the Sports Doc today. She pulled, stretched, pushed, x-rayed, and did everything to find out what the deal was. Well, everything looks normal except my right leg is about 1/2" shorter than my left because my pelvis is a little crooked. She gave me some exercises to do to put it back in place.

She gave me the OK to keep running, but I have to do a whole walk/run thing. If it keeps hurting while running I'll have to do some cross training. She also said I need to do some strength work with my core and hips. My x-rays came out perfect, my spine's good, my hips are good, my bones are good.

When I got home we took the kids to the playground and J and I did 2 miles in laps around the playground. Well, I felt great while running/walking, but now that I'm home it's hurting. LAME....And now it's the same kind of pain, but it's not shooting pain down my leg, it's pain on the outside of my knee. It's like if I could pop my knee like my knuckles it would make it all better.

I just gotta stick to the exercises they gave me and I've gotta suck it up and do the whole walk/run thing. :)

Oooh, I found my running outfit for Saturday! Isn't it cute?
I LOVE it!
 Let's just hope my leg is back to normal by Saturday so I can wear it.

Tomorrow I'm thinking I'll do an hour on the bike or something and skip my running miles. I dunno...maybe I'll walk/run...we'll see.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

This Week's Runs!

Thanks everyone for all the great advice about my aches and pains. It's so nice having all you out there to help me. :)

This weeks runs are going to be easy and light. I won't do the 16, that way I can heal and then feel better so I can run it later.

My Runs:
Monday: 4 miles
Tuesday: 5 miles
Wednesday: 3 miles
Thursday: 9 miles
Friday: 4 miles
Saturday: Salt Lake City Marathon 5k
Sunday: OFF

My Goals:
My goals this week are to relax and take my runs one day at a time. If I can't go 4 miles I won't go 4 miles. I'm not going to push myself. I'm also going to stretch, massage, ice, heat, etc my leg. I'll also set up an appointment with a Sports Doc and get it checked out that way I know what's up and what to do to fix it. I'd like to be 100% by Saturday, but we'll see. I've also decided that since I'm not going to be able to run as much as I'd like I'm going to have to make sure to track my food and stuff so I don't gain this week at my WW weigh in. Which by the way....I lost 1.4lbs this week! GO ME!

I hope everyone had fun at their races this weekend! I can't wait to read them all. 

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ugh...So much for that.

The goal was to run 16 miles. I got up at 3:20 when little miss started crying. Got her all fixed up and back in bed and got ready for my run. Now, an hour or so later I am back home after walk/jogging 4 miles before my muscle/nerve in my STUPID right leg wouldn't let me go any further. I could have pushed through another 2 miles or so, but seriously...I was going at such a lame pace that I might as well have been walking pushing a stroller. It's like if I were able to pop my knee some how, kinda like popping your knuckles, it would fix it or something. I even stopped about 4 times though the run to stretch it out to see if it would help, but it only lasted about 100 yards before I had to stop and walk.

I'm so frustrated! .....whatever....maybe next time. I'll just rest the rest of the day today and tomorrow. Maybe I can try again Monday or something. Maybe it's my shoes giving me the problem. I dunno, I should be getting some new ones soon, hopefully that'll help.

Friday, April 9, 2010


16 miles!!!

I can't wait. :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

8 miles before 6:30AM

Go me!! I got my 8 mile run in this morning! Little Miss A woke up at 4:00, I gave her a bottle, and figured I might as well get my run done early. While I was getting dressed my little bro, aka Trainer Adam, sent me a text at 4:28 saying, "Get up go run!" Great minds think alike, eh? :)

I thought I'd listen to something different this morning while running. I don't know about you, but if I listen to my ipod during every run it tends to lose it's effectiveness. So, rather than listen to the same old music I thought I'd take my mind off the running with Harry Potter book on tape. It was pretty cool. It kept my mind off of my pace and the distance I had to go. It felt like I was running just to run. The only thing it didn't keep my mind off of after mile 6 was the pain shooting from the top of my right butt cheek down to the top of my calf. It feels like a pinched nerve or a strained hamstring or something. Anyway, I think I went too fast after having 2 days off. Oh well, tomorrow I'll make sure to take it easy and on Saturday I'll go as far as I can go. Hopefully I can reach 16, but if not it's ok.

I'm proud of myself for getting out there and running this morning before anyone was up. I did see a lot more runners than usual today. Usually when I go this early there's maybe only 5 people, but I saw at least 10 people out running. It was kinda fun seeing everyone out there.

Today's a good day. I have a ton to do around the house before J comes home today, let's just hope I don't make things worse by going up and down the stairs a TON today. :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I need some tips.

Ok, so I skipped today's run because the muscles (I think) right above my right knee and right below my left knee are sore. Not sore where I want to cry cause it hurts, the the sore where I think to my self, "Self, is it a great idea to not run today or are you gonna hurt yourself if you do run?"

What do you guys think. Do you think it's an injury? I'm not 100% sure it is. Do you think I'm not getting enough calcium? I'm thinking it could be a possibility. Am I not stretching or cooling down/warming up enough after runs? Maybe.

I need to know what you guys do to keep the achy knees away. What are your tips?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Things I learned today while running

1. Eating Split Pea soup 30 min before running 4 miles isn't the best idea. It's an even worse idea to eat it if your planning on running on a treadmill in the living room while everyone's watching Dancing With The Stars. It's not like running outside, you gotta hold your gas in. LOL!

2. Next time I'm gonna open a window and turn on the ceiling fan. Cause I sweat like a pig on the treadmill and I coulda used some cool air.

3. If I'm going to run on the treadmill I'm gonna need 2 towels. 1 for covering the numbers that stare me in the face the whole time and 1 for wiping my crazy sweat cause it's no fun getting it in your eyes.

4. Running on the treadmill is a mental game. I noticed today that before I got on and while I was running I kept saying, "Ugh! This is so tough! Why is it taking so long? Am I done yet?" I bet that if I were to run on the treadmill tomorrow and I went into it thinking that it was going to be easy and that I would finish quickly then that's what would happen. It's all about thinking positive.

5. Next time I'm wearing a tank top and shorts or something cause I was WAY too hot in my capris and tee.

6. I'm gonna put some Body Glide on my foot cause my right foot's "ring" toe is getting a nice little blister on it.

7. It's amazing how fast you  feel when you go from running on the treadmill to running on the road. I felt like it was SO hard to go at 5.8 on the treadmill, but when the treadmill died on me at 3.71 miles and I went outside to finish the last bit (in the snow) I felt like I was flying. I was going at an 8 min mile pace and it was SO easy.

8. Snow + freezing cold air + sweat soaked tee = the best feeling! It was SOO nice after running so long in the hot house. I'm sure the 3 big guys standing by their truck in the dark thought I was a weirdo running around the block in the snow in just a tee shirt and capris. 

9. Running in  the morning is SO much better for me. I really need to get back into the routine of going early.

10. Short miles are really hard for me to run, but long miles like this weekend are easy. Sometimes I dread going 4 miles, but this weekend I am SO excited to run 16. How weird is that?

Today's run was hard, but I did it. Even if it was at 8:20 at night and on the dread...I mean...treadmill. :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

This Week's Runs!

Oooh, this week...

This week....I have a 16 mile run!!!!! It's my longest yet. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. It's gonna be nuts! I just hope the weather's good and I'm feeling great. I'm excited!

My runs this week are:
Monday: 4 miles
Tuesday: 4 miles
Wednesday: 8 miles
Thursday: 4 miles
Friday: OFF
Saturday: 16 miles!!!
Sunday: OFF

My goals this week:
- Get all my runs in.
- Make sure to get my water in. I've been having a hard time doing that. I don't know if you guys have that problem, but sometimes I forget to drink.
- I need to make sure to eat right this week. More veggies, more protein, you know the deal. Hey, I've got a TON of boiled eggs so I should be covered with the protein.
- Be a happy mommy and do some fun things with my kiddos.

Here's to a great week!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Running with my momma!

Today since we didn't go out and run in the crazy weather we had our own race! She got first in her age group and I got first in mine. Nice, huh? lol It looks like less than 100 people toughed it out and ran the race snow and all. By afternoon the sun was out, the snow was melted and it was COLD. 
Momma did great! Around mile 8 her right knee was hurting really bad. We're thinking her shoe wasn't being very kind to her, plus she's currently living in TX and there aren't many hills where she runs. So, I'm sure it was a good thing we didn't run on the snow and ice this morning cause I don't want my momma hurt. She toughed it out until about 9.78 and then we walked the rest of the way. J picked us up and then we drove over to our water bottles and I ran another .5 to go get them.
Here we are!  Me and my mommy! :) Thanks ma for running with me. I love running with you. I had a great time talking and running.

Oooh, check this baby out...
I've got a MAJOR tan line. I'm thinking that when the weather warms up some more I'll start wearing my RunningSkirts, maybe, I'm still a little self conscious. 


I want to thank everyone who entered my giveaway. You are all such a great support to me and I am SO thankful to be a part of this awesome community! :)

I know everyone's been waiting. we go!

The Grand Prize Winner of the Sugoi shirt and Ryders Glasses is....

Amy over at Two Scoops!
The Runner Up Winner of the Ryders Glasses is.....

Stephanie over at Girls Just Wanna Go Run!

Congrats girls!!! Send me your info at runmommatwitchrun (at) gmail (dot) com and I'll make sure to get your stuff out to you!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Awww, poop....

No race tomorrow.

 I guess 12-14"+ of snow and ice aren't the best conditions for racing. If it was just me racing and I had a car that could make it up the canyons I would totally run it, Yak-Traks and all. LOL! But, I gotta think of my momma and like my dad said, sometimes I don't think things out and heaven knows I'd run in the snow, twist my ankle and then not be able to run my marathon. 10 mile run.

At least the race registration goes towards an 8k in June. It'll be the weekend before my marathon, but I think it'll be ok.

If my sis hasn't had a baby we might do our own little 10 miler tomorrow in the afternoon when the snow in the valley's melted.

Ooh, I dunno....

So, I got this email just a second ago....

Update Salt Lake 10 Miler
Well! The weather on Saturday morning is supposed to be bad and I know that there are some runners that are diehards and will run in anything, but be warned the roads could be slippery.
Again, if you don’t want to get out of your warm bed on Saturday morning, your registration will move over to the June 5th race.

We will keep you updated on the makeup race. Have a wonderful day!

I'm one of those weirdos that would tough it out, but I don't know. It sounds like they might cancel it.  I think we'll end up going to the start and go from there. I'll bring my Yak-Traks, just in case. That or I'll let my mom use them and I'll put some screws in my older shoes.

I'm interested to see what happens tomorrow. The other thing I didn't mention is, I think I might be getting a sinus infection...I'm not feeling 100%. Oh, well.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ha, ha, Mother Nature...really funny.... + a Ryder's Drill Sunglasses Review.

I think Mother Nature was trying to be funny today by pulling a LAME April Fool's day joke. I woke up this morning to at least 6" of snow covering the ground & sidewalks. Ha, ha...funny. I woke up and thought, "You've got to be kidding me. I missed my last 2 runs cause Reno was ghetto and now Mother Nature's trying to pull a April Fool's joke on me." So, I held off my 5 mile run until about 3:00 when Mother Nature figured out her joke was lame and the snow was pretty much melted.
See, MUCH better!

I was even able to try out my new cool Ryder's Drill Sunglasses!
They were AWESOME! I love how I didn't feel like they were there. They were light and stayed in place. There was no bouncing around or feeling like the sides were squeezing my head. It was nice having a pair to wear. This is coming from someone who was a lifeguard forever and hated wearing sunglasses in the bright Georgia sun cause I thought that I looked like a dork. If only I had these back then I would have worn them everyday.

The run was good. I ended up going around the outside of our neighborhood and I LOVE this one spot. There is such an awesome view of the valley. You can't really tell in this picture, but it's really beautiful, snow and all. :) The temps were great I ended up wishing I would have left my jacket at home, but it's all good.

Since I missed yesterday's run I'm thinking I might do an easy 2-3 tomorrow. I gotta start April off on a good note, right?  :)

Tomorrow's our big pasta party! It's fun being 1/4 Italian (even though I don't look it). We eat some GOOD food! My mom and pop are in town and we gotta fuel up before out 10 mile race through the canyons on Saturday. Exciting!