Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Swimming counts

I don't know why I think just swimming isn't enough. I don't know why it doesn't "count". It should. It's a workout. I worked hard. Just cause its not "running" doesn't mean it's not burning calories. 


I swam 1300 today in 30.03. Not bad! I swam my 500 in 10.34!! That's my fastest one yet. :) I was going to run first, but I noticed that there were some open lanes at the pool so I decided to skip the run and swim first so I could get it done before those "master swimmers" came. I really need to get back to exercising at 9 every day. I feel so much better when i exercise. I'm a happier person. 

I'm really proud of my 500. I did freestyle the whole time. I'm slower at breaststroke. Before I'd mix it up every 100 yards. Tomorrow I'll run. I'm dressed to run right now. I should be running right now.... I guess I'll go run.