Friday, February 5, 2010

Runnin' without music.

I got my 3 miler in today. I was putting it off until about 1:30 when I started crashing. The past couple of days at around noon I start to crash and feel REALLY tired. I really gotta change my diet around. I think I'm eating too much sugar and not enough protein. Yeah, I don't think 2 cookies and a Reese's heart was a great lunch. I crashed hard. But, rather than take a nap I got all ready and went for a run.

I tried out my new running skirt. It's still too cold to run in just the skirt and I'm still not 100% comfortable with just the skirt, so I wore my capri length tights too. It kept me pretty warm. It was in the low 40s this afternoon, but the wind was blowing pretty good so it was nice to have an extra little layer.  My ipod was dead so I ran without music, which kinda sucked, but not too bad. I felt SOOO slow, but I was actually going faster than I thought. I was running around an 11min mile the whole time.

Tomorrow is the big 9 miler! I can do this!!! I've gotta get myself to bed cause the alarm's going off at 4:30 so I have LOTS of time to run before my 7:00 weigh in. I'm so excited to run it and then weigh in at WW.

 I don't think I'll lose this week, but oh well. This next week I'm going to do MUCH better with tracking my food and eating healthy. With all the running I'm doing I really need to eat better. I need more protein and more veggies.

Tomorrow's going to be a good day! :)

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jacqueline said...

i know you will do great! i was out late tonight with my girlfriends (that is why i am commenting so late). but, i want you to know that i will be thinking of you! i am taking a different route tomorrow for my run. thank you for inspiring me like you always do!!! please don't beat yourself up about the foods you have been eating. next week is a new week. take care.