Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Gear

Every morning (even when I don't run) my alarm goes off at 5:27 (weird, I know.) My alarm is 5-10 minutes fast, I forget which one. I set it for 5:27 because then I'm getting up before 5:30 which gives me a couple more minutes just in case I sleep in. If I set it for 5:30 and then sleep in a couple minutes I convince myself it's ok and I can sleep in a little longer. But, with the kids waking up around 7 and with my running taking more time, I have to get up and go by 5:30. So, with the 5-10 minutes and the 2 extra I have enough time to get out and go before 5:30. Like I said, I'm weird. I don't know if that made much sense at all, but it works for me! :) lol

Every day I run I put on the same thing. The only time it changes is when the weather's different.

  • I got my sports bra I got from Walmart. I'd like to get one of those fancy CW-X ones, but I don't know if it's worth the cost.

  • I got my bella band. I know, it's for pregos, but I have found that even with all the layers I wear my tummy still gets cold early in the morning, so rather than wear another shirt I put on the bella band and it gives me the right amount of warmth.

  • I've got my running tights. They've got some wind resistance to them, but not enough for when it's under 30° outside.

  • I've got some old fleece pants that are getting too big that I wear on top of my tights when it's chilly outside.

  • I've got a tech race shirt from one of my races.

  • I've got a thin long sleeve tech 1/2 zip shirt that's on top of  the race shirt.

  • I've got a wind resistant jacket on top of that.

  • I've got my cell phone. You gotta be safe, you never know when/if you'll need it.

  • I've got my ear warmers. Another thing I got a Walmart for like a buck or something.

  • I've got my $1 gloves from Walmart.

  •  I've got my daughter's ear warmer that Velcros. It makes the perfect scarf. lol

  • Last but not least, my shoes and socks!
I can't wait until it's warmer. I wonder if I'll run faster without all the layers. Haha!

This morning's run went well. My average pace was 11:58, but I felt like I might as well have been walking. It totally felt like lead weights were tied to my legs the whole time. It probably didn't help that I went to bed at 12:45. Tonight I'd better get to bed early cause I've got 7 miles to do in the morning.


Christina said...

I use the Champion sports bra from Target. $16.99 when they aren't on sale. I just can't swallow spending $-$50 on a fancy sports bra when the Champion brand mashes them just fine.

Amy said...

I want your Garmin. Actually I want all of your gear. And the body that looks like it uses it. :D

jacqueline said...

thanks for such wonderful info. lately, i have enjoyed running with layers.

runninaround said...

Hey Cathy! Thanks for stopping by! Question, did you mean to enter the BIG Giveaway/Raffle or the Snow Day Giveaway (for the photo keychain). I would love to have you entered in both but to enter the raffle, you donate to Ulman Cancer Fund. Let me know what you were thinking =)