Saturday, June 14, 2014

Utah Valley Half

Utah Valley Marathon was my first Marathon. I really enjoyed it and wanted to run the half this time around. My mom was going to run it with me, but had to defer it for next year because she wasn't feeling too well after the Provo City half. And then it turned out that she wouldn't have been able to make it anyways since her mother passed away a couple days before. I ran thinking of both of them the whole time. 

I got up super early and headed to catch the bus at the Provo Mall. I got on one of the first buses and was up at the start before a ton of people arrived. They had little fire pits set up for everyone. I'm so glad that I brought my giant sweater to keep warm. It's was really cool in the canyon. I met up with some running friends before the race and was planning on sticking with London, the one in the middle, who was going to be the 2.10 pacer. 
I started down the canyon with her and got about 3 miles in before I fell back. I didn't want to push too hard too soon and bonk at mile 6. I wanted so bad to PR, but I also wanted to finish and finish strong. 
I felt awesome going along and all the way til out of the canyon. I discovered that I do better when I hit an aid station and dump some of the water on my arms. It's an instant cool off and I feel like I can still push strong. 
I brought some GU chomps to take at mile 5. I really like them. They're easier to get down than just regular GU, especially in the heat. I only ate a half a pack of them the whole race. 
I finish strong in 2.16!! Amazing!! I felt great and I got a new PR!! After the race I went back home, showered, and got the kids ready for the kids 1k. 

They were so excited to run. The older 3 ran, while the younger 2 stayed with me. 
Jason ran with them while I waited at the finish line. The oldest 2 were so fast I didn't see them pass by. 
Caleb ditched Brianna. He said he wanted to go FAST! So he ran hard. I saw Jason and Annabelle finish and got a video of them. 
What a great day as a family! The kids were stoked with their medals. I'm telling ya, if you want a great race for your kids to run the Utah Valley Kids 1k is totally it! They get shirts and medals and it's FREE!