Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Well, dang, but YAY!

The planets aligned and we got a treadmill!!!

Our tax return came a couple weeks ago and we set a little $$ aside for the treadmill, just in case. Well, last Saturday while I was at the doc with the Rose I saw that Sports Authority had a 20% off coupon. YES! So, we went by the store and the treadmills were on sale. They were out of new Freemotion 750 treadmills at the store so, we decided to get the floor model for an extra 10% off. We were STOKED!! We were going to save $389! Then we remembered that the new company Jason's with gives a $350 fitness allowance for things like treadmills or gym memberships. We ended up saving over $739 on a $1299 treadmill!! How awesome is that?!

Well, they came by today to drop it off, but they couldn't get it in the front door. Who ever put the treadmill together stripped the screws and the delivery guys couldn't take the treadmill apart to get in in the house. I was a little upset just cause I was hoping to use it today, but I'll survive. After talking with the manager they're going to give us a BRAND NEW one in the box tomorrow afternoon. I am SOOO excited!

I'm telling ya, it pays to have faith in the Lord's timing! 
We got a NEW treadmill for an AMAZING price.
Since the treadmill wasn't coming today I got out a little late for my run. The wind was blowing like crazy. It was pretty nuts. I felt like a dog with my head out the window at some points. My cheeks were blowing in the wind. What's crazy is, I tend to go faster when there's wind. I push harder against the wind. I shaved a good minute off my time from Monday.

It felt good! I didn't stop and I ran a solid run. Those are the best runs.

I ran right at the perfect time cause when I got home the snow came in and it was a white out. It was NUTS! I'm glad I didn't wait any later to run.

Tomorrow's an off day, but I'll be getting the treadmill (hopefully) and I'll have to post pictures. :)

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Amy said...

Best planet alignment EVER! :D