Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Holy Altitude, Batman!

It's blurry and it's not the best photo, but it's my favorite. :)

Today while in Denver I was scheduled to run 3.5 miles. I thought nothing of it and headed out around the park where Jason and the kids were playing. I was going to have to do 11 laps to get my run in. 

I started out good, but then the altitude killed me. 

Denver's altitude is NO joke when it comes to running!

I thought I'd be a little used to it running in Utah with the altitude there, but NO WAY! My lungs were burning, my legs were aching, and I have a nice headache to prove it. My teeth were even aching. Crazy, man... I ended up doing my 3.5 miles 3 minutes slower than my last one, but that's ok. Better than nothing.

After my run we went back to the hotel and went swimming. The kids had lots of fun.

After swimming we headed back to our room only to find that the key wasn't working. Jason headed down to get a new key and before he could get to the elevator and before I could yell, "NO!!" my little boy had pulled the fire alarm. 


Poor kid was so freaked out. The sound of the alarm, talking to the firemen, and then going down to apologize to the manager. I don't think he'll ever pull a fire alarm again. He even smacked his shin on the stairs after the alarm went off. 

Yay for adventures and new memories. :)

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