Monday, February 6, 2012

Sneaky, sneaky...

This morning while I was watching my oldest go down the street to school, Jason decided it'd be best to lock me out of the house. Good thing I was all dressed and ready to run. 

He passed my Garmin and a neck warmer through the crack in the door and told me to get my run on and to not come back until it was finished. I guess he knew that I was thinking about putting it off today. I feel guilty sometimes when he has to watch the kids while I run. He must have sensed my hesitation today and that's why he kicked me out. I sure love my man. :)

My run went well today. I felt pretty bloated and slow today, but that's to be expected this time of the month. I finished it only 22 seconds slower than my last 4 miles, which isn't bad considering. 

Today was weigh in day... I lost .2 lbs. I call that a win! I was on a trip and eating fast food everyday for the past week AND we had an awesome Super Bowl party last night. A .2 loss is better than a gain any day. 

This week will be great. 
Lots of things happening... like Jason's back surgery. I'm a little nervous about it, but it's something that needs to be done. Everything will work out. :)


President and Sister Roggia said...

way to go! It will, all will work out okay..

Christina said...

Good Jason for sending you out the door! Hope the surgery will go well.

I gained all I have lost. :(

Amy said...

Hooray. I hope the surgery goes well this week! And I'm glad Jason locked you out. :D Although I think of Josh did that to me I'd be offended. :D

@mie said...

LOL! I need a Jason in my life to make me exercise... =)
Hope all goes well with his surgery. It will be nice to have that over with soon!