Saturday, February 25, 2012


This morning my sister came over and we ran 7 miles in the crazy wind. 

I wanted to stop a bunch of times, but I kept telling myself that I was an inspiration to her and if I stop now, what kind of example does that make me? So, I kept going strong and ran 7.17 miles in 1.16! I was impressed with myself. 

I was feeling really strong towards the end of the run. I ditched my jacket at mile 6 and I felt SO light without it on. 

I love when runs go smoothly. :)

Thanks to my wonderful husband for watching all 8 kids so we could go run. 
He's such a great husband!

Oh, and my elliptical time that I was going to wake up early on Friday and do didn't happen. I had a little boy keeping me up all night Thursday night with an ear ache. I figured I'd be a kinder mom if I slept in rather than woken up and worked out on only 3 hours of sleep. 


susette said...

THAT WIND WAS MISERABLE TODAY!! I agree! What an awesome photo with the temple in the background. Pretty spectacular. Love it:)

TurboTurtle said...

We had a very windy day here in Virginia, too, also for a 7 mile run! Yes, it's great when a run turns out better than expected. Super picture!

Marissa said...

way to push through the wind...must have been rough! but you girls did it!!! wow, 8 kiddos combined...what a great babysitting hubby!!!