Thursday, February 16, 2012

Water and weights...

 This morning after all the kids were settled with school and naps, I left home to run my 4 miles I was supposed to do yesterday. 

I did pretty well on my run. I felt slow and heavy, but I did it. 
 I finished it under 45 minutes, that's been my goal for the past few runs.

I wish I was back to where I was 2 years ago when running was fun. I don't know what's holding me back and I don't really know what made it "fun" in the first place, but somethings gotta change.

Anyway, when I got home from my run, I figured I'd do some "strength training". I don't have any fancy machines, but I do have a willing 3 yr old. Haha! I did some leg presses or whatever you want to call them. I laid on my back and had her on my feet. She loved it and thought she was Super Girl.

Then I did some sit ups. She sat on my toes and helped me count. That one wasn't as fun as the other, but she got a kick out of my counting. 

I tried to do a couple push ups after that, but I'm NOT that strong. I couldn't even do girly push ups with her on my back and she didn't want to get off. She wanted me to walk around and pretend I was a horse. Haha! Maybe one day I'll be strong enough to do a couple push ups with her "help".
This is my new friend. I fill her up once at night and once in the afternoon. The goal is to drink 2 of these a day to stay on top of my water for the day. It makes a difference when I get all my water in. 

I have 6 miles scheduled for Saturday. EXCITING!! :)


Amy said...

Do pushups again tomorrow. You'll be AMAZED that you've gained the ability to do one more overnight. :D

HayRuns said...

I like your water idea. I've been trying harder with that too. It really makes a difference when I stick with it. Miss you!

susette said...

There are many days I feel sluggish and slow. I should probably learn how to do speed work. That's a scary thought for me.

Question...what is the Really Big Free Marathon you have a countdown for on your sidebar?

Also, I am running the AF half and the Utah Valley half as well. Maybe someday we'll meet??