Monday, January 23, 2012

Upping the miles...just a little...

Today I ran 3.5 miles.

 Week 3 in my training for the Riverton Half. Things are going good. I'm feeling stronger. 
My goal today was to keep my miles under 12 or even better 11:30. I did well, just barely over 1130 for 2 of the 3.5 miles. I've gotta push myself though. I need to push past those "wanna quit" moments in my run. 

I'm almost done with Hunger Games... Next up: Catching Fire.

Since the Jan 1st, I'm down 6.6lbs. Not bad, not bad! 

I've been tracking my food every day and drinking a TON. Jason visited his friend last week and he had been losing weight really well and one of his tricks was to fill a gallon jug up at the beginning of the day and have it all gone by the end of the day. So, for the past 3 days we've been doing it and boy do I feel good! Sure, I'm peeing like a prego again, but I feel SO much better. I think it's helping flush out all the junk in my body.

This week will be a good one, I'm sure of it. :)


Belkycita said...

Way to go Cathy!

so, one of the gym teachers here told us to squeeze a lemon to our gallon of water jugs. I really like it because the flavor helsp with the drinkng and he explained the benfits of the lemon in the water, but .... sleep deprived mommy can't remember, I just know it is good for you :-)

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

NIce job! I love the photo. That is amazing.

Great job on the weight loss. I'm only down 4 lbs. With my training I have trouble cutting carbs. I am drinking lots of water too. That does help most days but some days I am just starving all day. Ugh. I guess its a slow process. Keep up the great work!