Wednesday, January 4, 2012

See what happens...

See what happens when I don't get up when my alarm goes off. I don't work out. I had LOTS of opportunities to exercise today, but I didn't take advantage of any of them. Well, tomorrow is a new day. I will set everything out tonight and get out in the morning.

Crazy thing happened today though. In November I entered a giveaway on one of our favorite restaurant's (CAFE RIO!) Facebook page and today I was notified that I was one of 5 picked out of 4500 people. I won free meals for an entire year! Awesome, huh?! I'll have to be careful to work out hard on the days that I get Cafe Rio.

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Amanda said...

Great additude about leave what we can't change behind us and focusing on the day ahead. And what luck! That is an awesome prize. Enjoy!