Saturday, January 21, 2012

Rain, rain, rain...

This morning I woke up to Jason telling me that the clouds were deceiving and that it was really 930 in the morning. I had slept in a lot longer than I planned, but I'm sure my body needed the sleep.

I got onto Facebook and MyFitnessPal to find that my sister had finished her 4 miles 2 hours earlier. I felt like a slacker and didn't really want to get up and go. I looked out the window to find it raining outside. "This will be a fun one," I thought. "These are the kind of runs that separate the slackers from the ones that really want it."

I got all dressed in my comfy Lucy leggings. Those pants are SO comfy. The only thing missing is a draw string. They tend to slide down while I run, so I put on a running skirt with an extra tall waist band (made for pregos) to hold them up. Anyway... I headed out the door with my raincoat on and my iPhone all wrapped up in Glad cling wrap (I didn't want any water killing my phone.)

I started out great. I was into my book until it went to the next track. Yeah, I gotta make sure to turn off the shuffle mode when I run. I fixed that, took a picture, and then kept going. The last mile was the hardest. The wind and rain were picking up and I was starting to hear the negative voices... "just's ok. You did good it's ok to walk now." No way man! I kept it up and finished my 4 miles strong.

I'm noticing differences in my legs now. They're starting to feel more muscular and less fatty. My body is getting leaner. Yay!

Next week is my first 5k of the year. It'll be fun. :)


TurboTurtle said...

Very inspirational!! I haven't tried listening to any books yet--I have always been a run-to-music person, but maybe I'll give audio books a shot (I LOVE to read, so it could be a natural fit).

Very cool that your legs are getting leaner. I have noticed it in my derriere--seems a bit less saggy. Yay us!

susette said...

Running in the rain in challenging. Good job and way to finish!