Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Running with the girls...

1 mile turn around point.

Guess what!! My sister is going to run her first half marathon with me in March! It's so nice to have another person to run a race and train with. I'm having to practice running with the girls in the stroller. I may have to push them on race day depending on if I can find someone to babysit them or not. I think it'd be pretty cool to run a half marathon pushing a stroller, so right now I'm just preparing both them and myself if I do end up  having to do that. We're going to start out with low miles and build our way up. I'm sure in 12 weeks time the girls will be more than used to running with me. 

Today I felt really good. My muscles were a little sore from yesterday, but in a good way. I felt like I was able to run easier today even with pushing the stroller. I try not to use both hands when I push them. Sometimes I'll even just use my body to push, which isn't too hard, but it's not easy on the pathways that still have snow/ice on them. The girls did awesome today. Rose slept and Belle just looked around and talked about the ducks. We only went 2 miles today, but tomorrow we'll go 3. They'll do well, I've just got to keep them warm. :)

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Whitney said...

Are you running Riverton? You wouldn't catch me ever running that route with a stroller! SO MANY HILLS! I hope you can find a babysitter!
P.S. I'm so jealous that you won free Cafe Rio! We eat there ALL THE TIME.