Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Today was 2 miles or cross training. I chose cross training. 

I started out with 30 minutes and then went upstairs to get Jason to let him know it was his turn. He was too caught up in his game so, I went back down and did his 30 minutes for him. Haha! 

I guess my 60 minutes made him feel guilty, cause he's down here now doing his 30 minutes. 

60 minutes on the elliptical! Yeah, man! It feels good to work up a sweat. I love that I felt like I wanted to keep going. That's the best feeling. :) 

Tomorrow 3.5 miles + strength.

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TurboTurtle said...

You've probably seen this "11 Random Things" posting going around the blogosphere. I got tagged and have tagged you--it is actually pretty fun, but no pressure if you don't have time!