Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 6: Action!

Honestly, sometimes I just don't know what to write. I wish I was a great writer, but the way I write is usually just what's going on in my head. I jump back and forth from different thoughts and I feel like half the time they don't make sense when I write them down. Hopefully they make sense to some of those of you who are reading....

Today I took action and I succeeded! My workout today was to run 55 minutes and walk 10 and my goal was reach 5 miles by the end of it. 

I just dropped my oldest off at a birthday party and I had exactly an hour and 15 minutes before I needed to pick her back up. It was the perfect time to get my run in. The crunch for time made me run faster. I'm kinda funny that way... The closer I am to a deadline the faster and sometimes better I do it. The down side of running right then was the weather. It was snowing. You know, that really wet snow, huge flakes, it might as well have been raining. It wasn't sticking to anything so you know it wasn't that cold out, probably around 38 out. The wind was blowing, but not too bad. I started out going against the wind cause I figured it would be better to end with the wind against my back. 

I felt pretty good to start. My legs felt good, but I didn't have the energy I needed. I felt a little drained. My lungs were still getting used to breathing while running so they were a little achy. I wanted to quit around mile 1.5 and start walking, but I kept trudging along. My mind would start to wander a little and a few quarter miles would pass by without notice and then I'd start to think about running again which would make me want to start walking. But, I kept on keeping on and I kept my eyes on the ground right in front of me. (I know, bad running form, but it helped.) Mile 4 came around and I started thinking about how proud I was to still be running. I was going to reach 5 miles in 65 minutes! I was going to reach my goal!! 

I did it!! I reached 5 miles in 1.04.36!! I still had a little ways to go before I reached the house so I ended up going 5.28 miles in 1.08.44 minutes. :) Towards the end I was so hot I took of my jacket and ran the rest of the way in my short sleeved shirt. I'm sure people driving by thought I was crazy. Haha! I had more than enough time to go and pick up my kiddo from her party. I love when things work out like that. The timing was perfect.

Even though my run was tough, I'm glad I did it. I pushed through and I did more than 5 miles. I ran the 55 minutes without stopping, which is awesome! I even ran at a faster pace then I had been running and I kept my pace consistent.
Awesome run, red faced and all! :)