Saturday, April 23, 2011

104 miles!

This morning I got up and ran 6.03 miles!! WHAT?! Yes, yes I did. How awesome is that??? I actually ran 5 and walked the last one, but still.... 6 miles is awesome!

As of today I have gone a total of 104 miles since I started back running. Pretty cool! I'm just so excited about how my running is going. I'm really amazed with myself. I still have to tell myself to go when I don't want to. It really is a mental thing. That and there's that fine balance of pushing yourself and pushing yourself too hard. My shins were a little achy yesterday and today which was the main reason I walked the last mile this morning.

Anyway, today was a good run. I hope everyone else has a great weekend!


Elizabeth said...

Glad u had a good run.

kimert said...

That is awesome!! Way to go. You have made quiet a great comeback since having that precious babe. Keep it up!!

Cynthia O'H said...

Yahoo! The first century is done! Way to go!