Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 4: Imagination

I think when it comes to the hard things in life you have to have some sort of imagination to get through them. The tough things in life vary for each person. Someone's tough thing may be easy to another and that's ok. Every one's different. You have to use your imagination to figure out how to work through them. During marathon training all sorts of obstacles get in your path. You can get injured. You can lose motivation. You can feel it's too hard and give up. But, to get past all of that you have to think of the different ways to get through. It's like a wall in your path. Are you going to climb over? Dig under? Go around? Break through? 

Right now everyday brings another challenge for this mother of 4. Last night I got out of bed at least 7 times. Each kid needed something. So, when I got up this morning the last thing on my mind was exercise. I was exhausted. I barely got any sleep. So, this afternoon during nap time I took a nap, well, as much of a nap as you can take with a baby in your arms. Now it's 10:30 at night and I still haven't done my exercise for the day. Good thing it's a short one. I'll have to do it now so I can stick to my plan. Good thing it's a 20 minute walk cause right now I have a fussy baby that is so tired she doesn't want to sleep. I'll just have to walk her to sleep. (See imagination. Fussy baby+walk=workout done and baby  

So, tell me... How are you going to use your imagination to get past something hard and have wings to over come it?


Christina said...

My knee is acting up. I have a half coming up this Sunday. I am most definitely not running it. I will be walking it instead. :)

fleming Fab 5 said...

Hey, I am a new follower. Awesome blog!