Sunday, February 13, 2011

This weeks exercises

Let's see how I did with last weeks exercises:

Monday: 30 min walk- Walked 30 min
Tuesday: 35 min walk- Jogged 10 walked 25 min
Wednesday: 30 min walk- Walked 30 min
Thursday: 35 min walk- OFF
Friday: OFF- Walked 20 Jogged 16 min
Saturday: 40 min walk- Walked 25 min
Sunday: OFF- Walked 10 min

Not bad! My goal was to go 170 minutes and I went 166. I feel good about this week!! It's going to take a little time to get used to running again, but I can do this!

This week's exercises are going to be about the same, but I'm going to up my jogging time. 

Monday: 30 min walk
Tuesday: 25 min walk/10 jog
Wednesday: 15 min walk/15 jog
Thursday: 15 min walk/20 jog
Friday: OFF
Saturday: 20 min walk/25 jog
Sunday: OFF 

Let's hope I do well! :) 

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