Monday, February 21, 2011

Here we go...

I woke up this morning at 7 to feed Rose and the mental war began... "Should I go right now or wait? I want to go now, but sleep sounds so good. Why do I have to feel so tired? I had a decent nights sleep last night, I only had to get up once. I should just go. What if Rose starts crying? Will Jason be able to take care of all these kids? Of course he can, quit making excuses! Ok, I'll get dressed in my running clothes and then I'll have to go. Yeah...that's what I'll do." So, I fed Rose and got dressed.... Then the other kids got up so I got them breakfast, then I was hungry so, I made myself breakfast, then the kids needed help getting dressed, then Rose was hungry again, then someone was picking on someone, then we had to run errands and eventually I got caught up putting together an entertainment center and it was dinner time. What happened to the day? Seriously?! It was 8:00 and I texted my bro, "I'm about to go run." I know that if I text him he'll kick me in the butt and tell me to get out and I just have to. So, I fed Rose, the other kids were in bed already, I got Fraulein all harnessed up (we got her one of those harnesses because I feel bad that she chokes herself to death every time we walk and just hook the leash to her collar. She runs on her hind legs, for Heaven's sake, when we don't walk fast enough for her.) and we got going.

Ok, so I have this irrational fear that every time I go walking at night or in the mornings that some weirdo is watching me and is going to kidnap me or something. I don't know why it started, maybe too much CSI or something, but I get all nervous. I wanted to get some pepper spray to run with or something, but I never got around to getting any. I even tried running with a pocket knife once (yes, I'm crazy.), but today I thought I'd run with the dog. People are scared of dogs especially when they bark a ton, right? Anyway, I took her and the harness worked like a charm. She did awesome. Not bad for her first time.

Anyway, I got my workout done. I walked 20 and ran 15. I'm not only training my legs to run again, but I'm training my mind. It take a lot to get over the mental hurdles of running. Though, today was pretty good mentally. My legs were a little tired since I did it so late, but I pushed on and ran the full 15 minutes.

Now, I'm ready for bed. Good thing Rose is out for the night, I'll be able to get a good block of sleep before she gets up.

35.19 (2.19 mi)


Christina said...

The day sure goes by very fast!
Glad you got a run in. :)

kimert said...

The mental hurdles of running use to be my worst enemy! Good job getting a run in!