Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Holy wind, Batman!

The wind today has been CRAAAZY! I went out to do my walk/run while Brianna was at school. I didn't plan out my walk/run very well since I went with the wind for the first 5 minutes and against the wind for the last 25 minutes. I felt like I was being lifted and pushed to the side when I was jogging. It was nuts. I'm just glad I did it. Funny thing though, I went faster this time running against the wind then I did the other day running with it. lol! I'm glad I got out and did it. It always feels good to get my exercise in. Even though last night was a rough night (Rosalie isn't a fan of Pioneer Woman's Favorite Burgers....I think the blue cheese was too much for her little tummy.) I'm glad I went out rather than take a nap. I'm a better mommy for it. :) I walked 5, jogged 15, and walked 10. I feels good to get more running in. 

I have such a hard time calling it running...really is that what I'm doing? I feel like I'm trotting along, like I could be walking. I'm sure someone walking could walk faster than I "run" right now. Oh well, I'll get faster. I may not get super fast and I may not even get to the point where I run an 8 min mile like it's nothing, but you know what? I can endure...I can go long distances....I am proud to say, "I am an endurance 'runner'!" :)

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kimert said...

You most definitely ARE a runner. At any pace, if your feet are shuffling you are running! Keep up the great work!