Sunday, February 6, 2011

This weeks exercises

This week I'm thinking I'll do another 3-5 days of walking. I really want to do more and I may do it everyday, except Sunday...we'll see. That or I may up the time from just 30 minutes. I don't know.

What I'm aiming for:
Monday: 30 min walk
Tuesday: 35 min walk
Wednesday: 30 min walk
Thursday: 35 min walk
Friday: rest
Saturday: 40 min walk
Sunday: OFF

I do know that after today's Superbowl party I need to watch my food. It's crazy how I am with food, I'm not an emotional eater or anything, I tend to eat when I'm bored or I don't eat when I'm busy with things. I need to get back on track with eating healthy foods often so, I can have all the good food my body needs. The worst thing for me right now are the cinnamon hearts from Sweets Candy Co. Mmmm....I could eat a whole bag of those suckers in one sitting. I love anything cinnamon flavored.

Here's to a new week! The kids are back in school and I'm excited to get back into the routine of things. :)


Amber said...

I feel you there with the food. It is VERY easy to eat when I am bored. I have started grabbing a glass of water instead, and change my activity of entertainment.

You can do it next week! good luck!

Amy said...

I love you. This sounds exactly like me (minus the motivation).