Friday, April 2, 2010

Ooh, I dunno....

So, I got this email just a second ago....

Update Salt Lake 10 Miler
Well! The weather on Saturday morning is supposed to be bad and I know that there are some runners that are diehards and will run in anything, but be warned the roads could be slippery.
Again, if you don’t want to get out of your warm bed on Saturday morning, your registration will move over to the June 5th race.

We will keep you updated on the makeup race. Have a wonderful day!

I'm one of those weirdos that would tough it out, but I don't know. It sounds like they might cancel it.  I think we'll end up going to the start and go from there. I'll bring my Yak-Traks, just in case. That or I'll let my mom use them and I'll put some screws in my older shoes.

I'm interested to see what happens tomorrow. The other thing I didn't mention is, I think I might be getting a sinus infection...I'm not feeling 100%. Oh, well.


Amy said...

For some reason I'm surprised this post didn't end in "but it's just a quick 10 I'll probably do it anyway." because that sorta sounds like something you'd say.

Pshh..."quick 10 miler...." as if that even exists.

Teamarcia said...

Oh what a bummer I hope the weather behaves. It's April for heaven sakes!
Sinus infection be gone too!

H Love said...

Yak Tracks??? Screws? Wow you are a pro! How long have you been running?