Monday, April 5, 2010

Things I learned today while running

1. Eating Split Pea soup 30 min before running 4 miles isn't the best idea. It's an even worse idea to eat it if your planning on running on a treadmill in the living room while everyone's watching Dancing With The Stars. It's not like running outside, you gotta hold your gas in. LOL!

2. Next time I'm gonna open a window and turn on the ceiling fan. Cause I sweat like a pig on the treadmill and I coulda used some cool air.

3. If I'm going to run on the treadmill I'm gonna need 2 towels. 1 for covering the numbers that stare me in the face the whole time and 1 for wiping my crazy sweat cause it's no fun getting it in your eyes.

4. Running on the treadmill is a mental game. I noticed today that before I got on and while I was running I kept saying, "Ugh! This is so tough! Why is it taking so long? Am I done yet?" I bet that if I were to run on the treadmill tomorrow and I went into it thinking that it was going to be easy and that I would finish quickly then that's what would happen. It's all about thinking positive.

5. Next time I'm wearing a tank top and shorts or something cause I was WAY too hot in my capris and tee.

6. I'm gonna put some Body Glide on my foot cause my right foot's "ring" toe is getting a nice little blister on it.

7. It's amazing how fast you  feel when you go from running on the treadmill to running on the road. I felt like it was SO hard to go at 5.8 on the treadmill, but when the treadmill died on me at 3.71 miles and I went outside to finish the last bit (in the snow) I felt like I was flying. I was going at an 8 min mile pace and it was SO easy.

8. Snow + freezing cold air + sweat soaked tee = the best feeling! It was SOO nice after running so long in the hot house. I'm sure the 3 big guys standing by their truck in the dark thought I was a weirdo running around the block in the snow in just a tee shirt and capris. 

9. Running in  the morning is SO much better for me. I really need to get back into the routine of going early.

10. Short miles are really hard for me to run, but long miles like this weekend are easy. Sometimes I dread going 4 miles, but this weekend I am SO excited to run 16. How weird is that?

Today's run was hard, but I did it. Even if it was at 8:20 at night and on the dread...I mean...treadmill. :)


H Love said... are my twin (minus the gas) I feel the same way. I totally get psyched up for long runs but dread the baby one. Treadmill slug and the flying like the wind on the road. Drag in the evenings and desperately needing to get back in the morning routine. Great it. Mind if I just copy and paste..JUST KIDDING.

Barefoot AngieB said...

I can relate to almost all of those! Thank the goddess that there is no more snow here! It is getting hot to run now and its only spring!

Talitha said...

I completely understand about the mornings. I've been running in the afternoons and evenings lately but last week I just crapped out of all my runs. It sucked. So tomorrow, I get up and run in the morning... before my brain talks me out of it!

But the loving long run thing? Nope, don't get that at all. Good for you though!

Emily said...
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misszippy said...

You are right...the treadmill is a mind game. I really despise it, but am glad I have one for those times when outdoors isn't possible.

Amy said...

Go momma go!

The worst part about the treadmill is that there's nothing to shoot for. When I run on a trail I can say "just keep going until the next intersection" or "when I get to the church I can walk if necessary" but on a treadmill you got nothin. NUTHIN! :)

Go you for doing any of it on a treadmill. You rock.

gmontalvo13 said...

every run for me is a learning experience! sometimes i don't learn the first time :)

daily mom said...

just keep a positive outlook when you are on the treadmill. it really is not that bad :) have a great tuesday...and a good run.

Cynthia O'H said...

It takes way more focus on the treadmill than on the road; I admire anyone who can stick with it for any amount of time.

Roggia said...

Do like Adam and tape a card or paper over the time and distance counter of the treadmill. I ran with that on last night, and it totally made a difference. But for me, I have to say that I kind of like treadmills right now... only because I hate all the hills around our house... the treadmill is the only break I get from this ridiculous neighborhood of mini-mountains.

Emz said...

Ok- you may NEED to read my post today. Treadmills are all about attitude. ;) But on a very happy note . . . I took of 37 minutes off my PR AFTER I started training on my treadmill!! :)