Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Gotta stay positive.

My knee's still aching some, so I've been trying to take it easy.

I got a new pair of shoes and we've been doing a 3 mile route around the lake as a family on a couple of the days (Saturday an Monday). Today I tried out the new shoes on the treadmill. I kept it around 3.5-4 cause my left knee was bugging me some. I keep telling myself that something is better than nothing and I've got to keep going even if I don't want to get out there. I didn't lose the weight last time by skipping out an cutting myself short. I lost it by working hard and being consistent. I'm almost at 5 lbs down. Not too bad for only doing this a couple weeks.

I tried making this sweet potato cauliflower soup for lunch today. It was SOO BLAND! Which reminds me... I had no meat today. Weird. I've never really done that before that I know of. I made eggplant Parmesan for dinner tonight. It was pretty good! I've never had eggplant before. The thing I noticed about today, I actually ate more today than I do on days I eat more protein. Interesting.

Tomorrow I hope to go outside again and get a walk in, but that will all depend on the weather.

Saturday's walk. The kids had fun, the weather was GREAT! We loved it!

Monday's walk was COOOOOLD!

The older kids did well scooting on their scooters, but the wind had such a COLD bite to it that the little kids were miserable halfway through and we had to cut it short. 

Slow 3 miles. I walked 90% of it between 3.5 and 4.

My hubby's SO great! He took me to get some new shoes after our walk on Saturday. I LOVE these shoes! Great cushion and they fit GREAT!

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