Friday, February 15, 2013

A little ache

Well, the past two days I didn't get any runs in and I can make excuses, but the two main ones are: I got my exercise through cleaning the house and my inner knees are aching a little. I think they needed a break from the treadmill. Today I couldn't get up to the pace I was hoping for until 35 minutes into it. Oh, least I got up and did it. Tomorrow I'm hoping to run outside. If I'm still sore, it's either my shoes or the fact that the race I did had a BIG down hill and BIG up hill or that my I'm pushing it too much on the treadmill. 

I'm feeling good though. I feel like eating right and exercising is making a difference. My clothes aren't fitting any different yet and I'm not feeling totally sluggish on my runs, but I know it'll pay off the more I do it. I just need to not think about running and just do it. 

^That was me a couple times this week.

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