Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Day 10k

I got up this morning around 630 and headed out the door to go up to the state capital for the race. 
I got there early enough to get a good parking spot. 

I was so nervous the night before and on the way to the race. I don't know why I've been getting so nervous in the past couple races. Maybe it's because my sister's running with me, I don't know.

The race started out uphill. I just kept thinking, "Sue would hate this race." hahaha! It started out uphill then leveled out a little.... then it kept going up hill... and up... and up....
It sucked. 

My legs hated it. I walked part of it. The angle of the pathway made my left calf scream from landing weird for so long. I hated watching my time go slower and slower. I felt like the race was never going to end and I wondered if my legs were going to feel like that the whole time. 

I was almost to the turn around point when I saw my sister coming down the trail, gave her a high 5 and kept going.

I got to the water stop and they were out of cups. Nice...
I really could have used a drink. 

I took a couple little Sports Beans and used the downhill to my advantage. My legs were LOVING the downhill. My pace picked up, my legs felt awesome, and I was moving along. 

Around mile 4.5 I started getting a side stitch. I haven't had one of those in forever. I ignored it and it went away. I couldn't let it get to me cause my legs were feeling SO good. The wind started blowing hard, but it really helped me. It seemed to help support me in going down the hill, plus it helped me push a little harder without feeling like I was running too hard. 

I hit another water stop and there were no cups... lame...

Finally the finish was coming up. I was running at a 8 min mile pace! AWESOME!

I crossed the finish in 1.09.44. Yay!

Joy finished in 1.01.01 Not bad for her first 10k!

I went to get some water after finishing and they were OUT OF CUPS! Ugh!!

That was their major problem. You can't run a race and not have any drinks for the runners. 

Oh well, it was fun to be with my sister. We even took advantage of the people doing massages. My lower back feels much better.

Half marathon in 2 weeks!! Can't wait!

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Amy said...

You are lookin' GOOD! And those are some seriously BRUTAL hills. Go you!