Monday, March 19, 2012

5 miles with my mom

My papa and momma.

That's my mom. We ran the Utah Valley Half/Marathon together in 2010 before they left to Sierra Leone, West Africa to serve a mission for our church for 3 years.

She's such a great mommy. She loves to cheer us on in all our races and things even though she's so far away. 

Today I thought it'd be fun for her to "see" me run on the treadmill. The treadmill is pretty cool cause I can log into and see the stats tick by while I run on it. So, my mom logged in and texted me with each mile that ticked by.  I had the stats covered on the treadmill so I wouldn't focus on it. It helped to have my mom there saying, "1 mile down!" "You're at a 9:50 pace!!" "Almost there!"

It was nice that even though she wasn't physically there to run with me, she was there in spirit. :) 

The run went pretty well. I started out slow and gradually increased the pace. I had to grab the sides a couple times. If I pushed myself a little harder mentally I wouldn't have grabbed the sides, but oh well. My next run will be even better. :)

My ending pace was 7.0! Yeah!! 
I finished my run nice and strong. I love runs like that.

A little while after my run I was playing with the kids when I noticed that Annabelle (the 3 yr old) was a little too quiet. I went upstairs to find her playing with the toilet cleaning gel and squirting it in piles around the carpet. Yeah... kids are great... Lots of bleach spots all over the carpet.

One day I'll laugh, I'm sure, and I'll say, "Just wait until you have one of your own..."

I'm glad I got my run done.

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Marissa said...

what an awesome goal you and your mother accomplished together...and awesome run with your mom there in spirit!