Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Superhero Walk

This evening we went on a walk as a family around the lake. I pushed the BOB and the babies while Jason and the kids ran ahead. Jason is a BIG comic book fan so, the kids have grown up knowing all about all the different superheroes. Today while we walked Caleb was Flash, Brianna was Superwoman, and Jason was Superman. Their goal was to protect the "Tank" (aka me and the babies with the BOB) with a BIG engine (my butt. lol!) that has a lot of power. They had SO much fun running around even with the chance of rain. After about a mile the heroes were starting to lose their powers and the "Tank" had to carry them.

While we were walking we saw that the orange and blue ribbon from Chelsea's Virtual Race a year ago was still there! It's a little faded, but it's still there. Pretty cool, huh? I wonder how long it'll be there.
I just love walks like this with the family. I can't wait until the weather makes up it's mind so we can do this more often. We ended up going 2 miles, not bad...not bad.


President and Sister Roggia said...

Great family time....now add Alma, Ammon, Job, Adam, Sons of Helaman, etc along with the superheros....that way they have not only fictional characters but real, non-fictional superheros to emulate too! Like your Book of Mormon cartoon timeline. Wonderful family fun1 I like how they protected the "tank"! so fun! One of our missionaries brought a "Flash" notebook to use as his journal. Good one to emulate. Thor t-shirt...fits great! will take a pic.

Nicole Orriƫns said...

What a lovely picture this makes!


Anonymous said...

super awesome! you most have tied them really well!