Monday, May 9, 2011

Provo City 5k and cookies

It's a couple days late, but here's the recap!

I got up Saturday morning early and headed down to Provo for the race. Since I had to leave early Jason decided to stay home with all the kids rather than have to herd them around the finish line while I was running. It was a good idea since there was a good amount of people out there waiting for the half marathon and 5k to start. 4 kids under 6 is a little tough for 1 person. That's ok. :)

So, I meet up with Sue and get ready for the race to start. My mom was on the phone texting me from Africa. It's pretty cool that we can do that cause it was like she was there at the start with me cheering me on. When the race started I kept hearing my phone ding with each text she sent. (After the race I saw that she was writing "GO GO GO!!" I love my momma!) I started out good. I always feel like I'm going a lot slower than I am. The first mile went by quick. I looked at my watch and saw I was going at a 10.45 pace! I just kept wondering if I could keep up that pace the whole time. I did pretty well. My mind started thinking about the finish when I hit mile 2, but I was able to keep my pace around 10.30-11.00.

There was this one dude that kept passing me then he'd stop to walk and I'd pass him and then he'd pass me and stop to walk. He did it the WHOLE race. Hey, if that's how you do it, go for it...just don't stop right in front of me and walk, at least move over to the right side or something. Anyway... I stopped and walked a second through the water station and then kept running. I haven't mastered the art of drinking while running. lol! A little while later I saw the finish line ahead of me and I wanted to go a little faster. I felt like I was slowing down (after looking on my Garmin later I wasn't. I was actually speeding up without knowing it.) so, I tried to pick up the pace cause I really wanted to finish faster than my last 5k. 

Well, I crossed the finish line at 35.34 which isn't bad! It's still faster than my last 5k by a minute, but the course was an extra .12 miles longer than it should have been. Sooooo... according to my Garmin I finished 2 minutes and 15 seconds faster than my last 5k at 34.15!! I'm just so amazed with myself that I am able to run a 5k in 34 minutes only 3 months after having a baby. I just wouldn't have ever thought that I could do that. You know what's even crazier? The last time I ran this race in 2009 I ran it in 44 minutes. That means I shaved 10 minutes off!!! Isn't that insane?!

I wonder what my next 5k will have in store for me.... :)

For Mother's Day Jason made me a yummy breakfast and took care of me all day. We had some family over for dinner and Jason asked if I could make some of my delicious cookies for dessert. You remember how I'm trying not to eat cookies until I'm 185, right? Well........ These cookies are my FAVORITE!!
Chocolate, pecan, and butterscotch chip cookies......MMMMMMmmmmm! How could I turn them down? They smelled sooooo good and I wanted to eat the dough soooo bad! I kept texting my brother asking if cookie dough was the same as cookies and telling him how tempting these soft chewy delicious bad boys were. The hardest part is when you take the cookies off and a cookie breaks. I HAVE to eat the broken part, it's something I've always done and I wanted to eat the broken piece so bad. But, my brother in law Anthony helped me out and ate all the broken pieces so I wouldn't. Haha! How nice of him, huh? Well, I got through the night without eating any cookies. It was SO hard. I could eat a dozen or more of those without batting an eye. I'm glad I did it though. I just proved to myself that I can stick to the things I decide to do.

This week will prove challenging. I will have to figure out a way to run since Jason won't be able to help me this week. I may just have to suck it up and pay a TON to have the people at the community center watch them while I run on the treadmill. J laughs at me he says I should just ask a friend to watch them for an hour, but I feel guilty. I'd use my BOB, but there's 3 kids and only 2 seats and it's cold and they wouldn't keep content for an hour. Oh well, I'll figure it out and I'll get my runs in. I can do hard things. :) 
I hope everyone has a GREAT week!

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There are amazing places to run in Herriman and who's better to watch the kids than me???

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