Saturday, May 14, 2011

11 miles today? Sure, why not....

This morning I got up, got ready, and headed out for my run. I figured I'd go around the lake today since I had so far to go. My goal was to go 7 miles, but I was scheduled for 80 minutes total. Could I go 7 miles in an hour and 20 minutes? The answer: YES! Well, technically it took me 1.23.43 to go 7 miles, but still 7 miles!!! The further I go the more I'm surprised with how well I'm doing for having a baby only (almost) 4 months ago. I wasn't able to run this much this soon after having any of the other kids. 

The first 2 miles were SO easy. I felt great! I kept it up and around mile 4.5 I was starting to feel a little slower. I stopped for a second to take a breath, but I kept going. I saw a fellow blogger (That was you right, Whitney? lol) at the beginning of the run and I kept telling myself that I had to keep going cause I was sure I'd pass by her again. I couldn't be walking when that happened. lol! That and the fact that I had my Garmin set to count down the miles and not show the time really helped me keep it up.  I think I'll do that from now on with my watch. 

Anyway, I finished up my run strong and I feel GREAT!!

When I got home and Jason decided he wanted to go for a walk/run around the lake with the kids. Sooo.... I got the BOB all ready and we headed out. B rode her bike, our boy walked, and the babies were in the stroller. Jason was walking beside me when Caleb ran up to Jason and says, "Let's run dad!" So, he grabbed his daddy's hand and off they went. Ahead of me I could see them running then stopping, then running again. It was so cute! Apparently Caleb kept telling him to run then walk then run. Haha! Such a great dad to keep going with him. We ended up going 4 miles.  The kids did well and the rain held off until we got home.

A total of 11 miles for me today!! I'm a little sore, but that's to be expected.
27 days until my half marathon!!! If I can go 11 miles today I'm sure I can go 13 in a month. 

I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!!


Melissa said...

Congrats! You are an inspiration to new moms trying to get back out there!

Whitney said...

Yay! I was wondering if I would see you when I started my run this morning. Did you like the random 5K? I had people cheering for me at their finish line and then I just kept going. :)

Christina said...

Good job for getting 11 miles in today!
You are right. If you can do 11 miles today, surely you can do 13.1!!!

Have a great week ahead.

Teamarcia said...

Nicely done! Wow your race will be here before you know it!

Amy said...

Go you! Isn't it the best to be motivated by someone who you hope doesn't catch you walking? :D I LOVE that. :D

kimert said...

Awesome!! You most definitely will be ready in a month to run a half!