Thursday, May 5, 2011

New shoes and sore legs

Yesterday I did fartleks and today my legs HURT! I went 4.44 miles! Talk about a good workout.

One thing yesterday's run told me was my shoes were shot. I needed new ones. So, today I went in and got those pretty shoes (the ones on my new header at the top of the blog). I tried on all sorts of shoes until I told them that I came last year and got some and I LOVED the shoes I had last time. He looked me up and pulled out the Brooks Defyance shoes. I was SO excited to see that they were orange, white, and gray. (My favorite color combo!) I can't wait to try them out on Saturday for the Provo City Marathon 5k. I bet they'll feel awesome!

The only thing though...I need my legs to feel better. My shins are a little sore and my legs are achy. I think I'll just go on a simple walk around the lake with the family today so they my legs can rest some.


Chris said...

Yeah for great workouts and new shoes!!

Jennifer said...

That is the only bummer with new shoes, the break in period.