Sunday, May 22, 2011

The past couple days...

This week I went a total of 25 miles! I kept up with my runs and did everyone this week. Some of the days I went farther than I was scheduled. On Friday I did a 4 mile run where I took my time and felt easy. I felt like I was back to where I was before I had Rosalie. It's such a difference when your legs do what your heart wants. I know I may not be fast (read: 11-12 min average pace) and I may never win any awards in my age group (besides this one), but this momma is made for endurance. I can go, go, go. I can keep going when others quit and to me that is something to be proud of. :) 

Yesterday I got up at 5 after feeding Rosalie and headed out. I went 8 miles! I love that I could go 8 miles before anyone else woke up. The one thing I did wrong with my run was my lack of water. I was 4.5 miles into it when I stopped at the park to get some water at the water fountain and realized that they haven't turned the water on for the year yet for some stupid reason. So, I kept running and stopped at the bathrooms that they built only to find that they were both locked since it was so early in the morning. I ended up finding a faucet on the side of the building and used that. Haha! Next time I'm bringing water or I'll stash some along the way. 

Well, after my run I weighed and guess what!!! I'm out of the 200's! I've lost 17 pounds since having Rosalie. Yay! Only 35 more to go. :) I just hope I can keep up the weight loss like it's been going the past couple weeks.

I read this quote today... It's totally going to be my motto this week.

"Next time you want to give up - push on. Next time you want to skip a run - don't. Next time you want to ease up on your body - tell your body you run the show, not it." -Mile Posts

I hope everyone has an AWESOME week!!

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