Friday, January 15, 2010

Today's interesting run....

I thought I'd take my camera today to show you the fun I get to have when I run. :)
Today I had 3.5 miles to run and I had my alarm set for 6:30. Well, it was set, I hit snooze, and then turned it off. Niiice... Well, it's ok cause Jason's back from Portland which means I can go on a run with out worrying cause there's 3 adults to 3 kids ratio while I'm gone.

So, I start out on 3 week old snow that still hasn't melted. I go for about a mile and notice that there are some weird tracks on the snow...
Can you see 'em? Look really close.....

I followed the tracks off and on for about 3 miles and then they disappeared. Maybe nextime I see him. :)

Here are some other fun pictures. I heard some geese (I think.) and had to stop and take a picture.
I had to show all the tracks. I'm amazed how many people run around the lake with all the snow on the trails. I like the snowy trails, but I like how the road is a solid surface. My feet land better without the bumpy snow.
When I showed Brianna this picture of me running she said, "Mom, how did you take a picture of you when you were running? Is it magic?" Ok, so I don't have magic powers, I wish I did. It would be nice to magically get the pictures taken the way I imagine them in my head. I wanted a picture of me running on the trail so I put the camera on a bench and set the timer. :)
Wooohooo! 3.5 miles, 22°F, 2 pairs of pants (running tights & fleece pants), 2 shirts, 2 running jackets, gloves, scarf, ear warmer/headband, camera, and ipod. Niiiice. :)

Tomorrow I get to do 8 miles! Which means I get to get up at 4:30am, that way I can run before my WW weigh in. I'm trying to stay away from sugar cause all these sweets that we've been making are really screwing with my weight. I'm guessing I'm going to gain a couple pounds this week...I hope not, but I wouldn't be surprised.


Dana said...

WOOHOO! :D ROCK the 8 miler in the early am tomorrow -- that's committment. Those look like maybe Vibram Five Finger tracks?

Amy said...

Mmm it's beautiful! Enjoy!