Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I got a feelin'.....

So, I got up this morning at 5:30 when the alarm went off, got dressed, even had my watch on. I was about to go out the door when I had a really bad feeling. I kept having thoughts about a bad guy out there waiting to get me. Like he had been watching my running routine. So, I turned right around, got back into my pjs and went back to sleep. Crazy, huh? Some times you just have to listen to that voice that tells you to watch out, ya know.

I waited until later in the afternoon to run. Gma T is awesome. She was willing to watch the kids so I could go run. I just had to be back by 4:15, so I cut my 6 mile run short and only did 4.15. I was going to switch today and tomorrow, but my personal trainer (aka my little bro Adam) said not to. That's ok. I can do that. I have a race on Saturday and I need to be rested up.

Tomorrow, I'm planning on running in the afternoon again. Gma T said she'd watch the kids again for me when she gets back from taking Jon to work. It's the PERFECT timing right now to have Gma T and Jon living with us. It gives me more time and opportunities to get in my training. I'm gonna have to do something special for her for helping out so much when I'm all done with this marathon.

I talked to Adam today and he's the best. I was getting a little down cause I didn't do the whole 6 today. But, after talking to him he made me feel better and realize that in the long scheme of things missing 2 miles in the whole marathon training isn't something to get upset about. That's where the new quote at the top of the blog is from.

So, here's to a easy, safe run tomorrow! :)


Amy said...

Way to listen to the feeling. Smart smart girl.

Dana said...

WORD, I agree with trainer Adam.

It's definitely ok to be a little flexible with your mileage. Things you want to make sure to hit - LONG RUNS.

And if you have to miss one of those, I've heard that's ok, too -- just don't miss too much toward the end. ANYWAY - I looked at that Women's Half you're looking at and WOW I WANT THAT MEDAL. HAHAHAHA :D I might have to consider that...