Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ice, you can't hold me back!

Thanks to these little puppies, I was able to run this morning with no problems. :) I'm so glad my hubby got them for me for Christmas. I don't know why I didn't use them yesterday in the ice, I'm sure they would have worked perfectly. Now, I know for next time.

So, I got up at 4:20 and went for my run. I was pretty surprised at how much traction I had with the YakTraks. I stuck to the sidewalks for most of the time, but there were some parts where it was less slippery to be on the road.

My splits were:
1mile: 13.23
2mile: 12.51
3mile: 12.37
4mile: 12.47
5mile: 12.07
6mile: 12.08
7mile: 11.50

I love when I get faster towards the end. I was able to do it in under 1 hour 30 min. Nice!

Oh, I weighed in at WW and I maintained. I love when I don't gain. :) So, I'm still at 168.6. 8.6 pounds go and I will have reached my goal. I'm thinking it'll drop in the next couple months.

By the way, did you know today is National Pie Day? Yeah, I'm glad I weighed in today. :)


Amy said...

Go you! :)

jacqueline said...

i came across your blog...and i must say that you have inspired me. thank you so much!!!