Saturday, January 16, 2010

Today's food...

Right after my run and weigh in I had some yogurt, milk, and a banana.

Then I was wanting some more food...I burned 1113 calories and was craving some protein. So, I channeled my dad's omelet making skills and made a 2 egg/1egg white omelet with some bacon, a cut up sausage link, tomatoes, cheese, and green onion. YUM! I also had some whole wheat bread and a clementine. I felt satisfied and not stuffed.
For a late lunch we had Cafe Rio veggie salad with a whole wheat tortilla. I ate about 2/3 of it and stopped when I was full. That's hard to do with Cafe Rio, it's just SOO good!
For dinner we had fondue. I put everything out on my little plate and stuck to what I had set out. I ate a couple more veggies not pictured, but I figure that doesn't count cause they're veggies. We also had some root beer from A&W's tap. It was good, but I made sure I only had one cup and then refilled with water.
I feel really good about my food choices today. We're still going to have some chocolate fondue, but I think I'll just stick to eating the fruits and maybe a little chocolate.

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