Monday, March 14, 2011


I don't feel good.... I got a filling today and I have some sort of stomach flu going on. I'm sure it's the same thing the kids had last week that had them throwing up and all that jazz. The only thing is I don't throw up. That can be a good thing and a bad thing, but I'd rather have puke burps than actually be puking. I'm nice and bloated, too. Fun.... I'm sure that's a little TMI, but oh well.

I put off my run/walk as long as I could hoping I'd feel better, but I had to do it. So, I went slow and got my 35 minutes done (25R/10W). I feel a little better after, but I think a good nights rest will help me feel much better.

I can't be sick this week. I have my first 5k since last year on Thursday and I can't miss it. I want to do well. Let's hope this sickness is a 24 hour thing.

I hope everyone else has a great week!


kimert said...

I hope the ickyness passes for you quickly! Glad you were still able to get your run in!

Anonymous said...


I am under the weather too.

Forcing myself to go for a walk tonight (indoor track) to get out... although still feeling nasty. :(