Friday, March 11, 2011

Views from today

I did my strength exercises today (wall sits are HARD!!) and I went on a walk with the kids around the lake for about 45 minutes. Let me tell you... it is NOT easy to get 4 kids ready and out the door. They were SO excited to finally get out of the house. We haven't really gone out a lot this winter with the baby coming and kids being sick and all. It was nice to get out and feel the AWESOME weather. It was about 54 out and it just felt amazing! The kids started out with coats on and then ditched them after about 10 minutes.

I felt good, my muscles felt great. The kids did awesome! Brianna and Caleb had so much fun riding their bikes around, Annabelle just sat and looked around, and Rosalie slept the whole time. We stopped a couple times to look at the lake and throw rocks. It was such a beautiful spring day.

Here's one of the shots from our walk. Isn't it beautiful?? The day was just great. I love, love, love spring!
Tomorrow's my "long" run. Lets see if I can pass the 2.5 mile mark. 35 minutes, the longest I've run in a while... Such a difference from a year ago. Oh well, it'll come in time.

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One Crazy Penguin said...

That panoramic is breathtaking! Absolutely gorgeous!